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Lady Be Good WW2 bomber found

Facinating true tale about finding a crashed WW2 bomber in North Africa

Great article on site...

In early November, 1958, a British oil exploration team was flying over North Africa's harsh Libyan Desert when they stumbled across something unexpected… the wreckage of a United States Army Air Forces (USAAF) plane from World War 2. A ground crew eventually located the site, where a quick inspection of the remains identified it as a B-24D Liberator called the Lady Be Good, an Allied bomber that had disappeared following a bombing run in Italy in 1943. When she failed to return to base, the USAAF conducted a search, ultimately presuming that the Lady and her crew perished in the Mediterranean Sea after becoming disoriented.

The British oil surveyors found that the desert environment had preserved the aircraft's hardware astonishingly well; the plane's 50 caliber machine guns still operated at the pull of the trigger, the radio was in working condition, one of the engines was still functional, and there were still containers filled with water on board. But the remains of the crew were nowhere to be seen.

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By netchicken: posted on 14-4-2006

I'm really surprised it wasn't discovered earlier. Thats a long time to lay in the desert.
By YCON: posted on 14-4-2006

My God, my God.
Read the story, forget the stupid plane.
The absolute Hell those men went through before they finally died.
The first sortie by the Lady Be Good, and all the flight accomplished was a torturous death for the doomed crew.

April 4, the crew bails from the bomber and find themselves in the desert rather than the sea.

Four days later:
... Quote:
Thursday 8
Hit Sand Dunes, very miserable, good wind but continuous blowing of sand, every[one] now very weak, thought Sam & Moore were all done. La Motte eyes are gone, everyone else's eyes are bad. Still going N.W.

... Quote:
Friday 9
Shelly [sic], Rip, Moore separate & try to go for help, rest of us all very weak, eyes bad, not any travel, all want to die. still very little water. nites are about 35, good n wind, no shelter, 1 parachute left.

The last day, 12 April. Many days of slow cooking in 135 degree F. days and teeth clatteringly cold nites:

... Quote:
Monday 12
No help yet, very cold nite

They were Hell-bent to push forward regardless of the poor weather so that they could do what it takes to destroy evil and they died in vain in the process.
The United States lost her very best working to thwart the desires of Hitler, Musolini and Hirohito. Whatever the cost, of course, but these stories are still heart breaking.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 14-4-2006

Yeah, you are right, I posted this article before reading to the end and seeing how the guys survived for so long in the desert. It was dramatic and a sad ending.
By netchicken: posted on 15-4-2006

I didn't mean to belittle the plane angle, Netty, I was just choked up about the unbelievable courage those REAL men had to display because of the general evilness of humanity.
You know I work in aviation and love air machines. Wouldn't it be wonderful if aviation was as Igor Sykorsky envisioned the helicopter, used only for the benefit of mankind and not for the destruction of mankind?
I guess we won't see such an attitude until the thousand year reign, huh?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 15-4-2006

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