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Mobile phones with built in video projector

The next generation of phones are going to be amazing, already I have seen some with live TV ability. Now you can use them as projectors...

A South Korean company developed a coin-size laser video projector module that can fit into portable gadgets such as mobile phones and digital cameras.

Iljin Display Thursday demonstrated various prototypes of mini-size projectors, which use its Single LCD Panel technology. Using the technology, users can project photos and video images on the wall from the built-in projector, making a seven-inch, full-color screen.

... Quote:
About a half of mobile phones sold these days are equipped with a digital camera. In the future we expect many mobile phones will have built-in projectors too

We expect about five percent of all mobile phones to have the video projector function by 2010. That is more than 60 million units. And we aim to grab about 30 percent of the market at least, or 530 billion won a year.
said Park Seung-gwon, CEO of Iljin Display, during a press conference in Seoul on Thursday.

The company expected the projector-embedded mobile phones will hit the market from next April, as it has been already co-operating with Korean handset manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics and LG Electronics since December.

Park said the company has invested 150 billion won over the past two years in research and building manufacturing facilities.

The LCD projector is a device used for displaying video images or data. It has become widely used at offices and schools over the past decade, replacing traditional slide projectors and overhead projectors used in the past.

Traditional projectors are usually bulky, as they contain three separate LCD glass panels, one each for the red, green, and blue components of the video signal. But Iljin’s new technology reduced it to a single panel, by switching the light signal between three colors within one millisecond.

Though the projected images continually change between the three base colors, human eyes only recognize them as one natural-color image as the speed they change is so fast.

The new method dramatically decreases the size the projectors, as well as the manufacturing cost. The smallest of the demonstrated prototypes was about the size of a packet of cigarettes, and the company explained that it could be reduced to the size of a matchbox by the end of the year. The LCD panel itself is only 0.24-inch wide, which can easily fit into mobile phones.

Iljin has made video projector modules but has been struggling in the sector, while the market has been dominated by three global players _ Sony and Epson of Japan, and Texas Instruments of the United States.

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By netchicken: posted on 15-4-2006

That's a pretty nifty little gadget there.

I can just see it, teachers using cel phones instead of those big huge projector things.
By Ikon: posted on 19-4-2006

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