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Details Revealed About Huge Dinosaurs

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NEW YORK - Scientists are learning more about what appears to be one of the biggest meat-eating dinosaurs known, a two-legged beast whose bones were found several years ago in the fossil-rich Patagonia region of Argentina.

One expert called the discovery the first substantial evidence of group living by large meat-eaters other than tyrannosaurs like T. rex.

The creature, which apparently measured more than 40 feet long, is called Mapusaurus roseae.

The discovery of Mapusaurus included bones from at least seven to nine of the beasts, suggesting the previously unknown animal may have lived and hunted in groups. That hunting strategy might have allowed it to attack even bigger beasts, huge plant-eating dinosaurs.

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Look how big it is. Imagine one of those things chasing you around.

dinodog.jpg - 15.95kb
By YCON: posted on 18-4-2006

Wow, now thats big ... they would need a heck of a lot of meat to live. I iagine a human wouldn't even count as an entree....
By netchicken: posted on 18-4-2006

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