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How C.R.A.P. is your Site Design

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The four golden rules of site design. Simply follow them and watch the accolades come flooding in.

Eons ago when I was taking the Freshman web design course in college (okay, it was only 4 years ago) I was taught about the acronym of all acronyms, the one by which all other web design acronyms were judged. We learned that good design is based on the C.R.A.P. principles where C.R.A.P. stands for Contrast Repetition Alignment Proximity, and when Creative Directors tell you that your design is crap, they’re actually giving you positive reinforcement. Okay, that last part was made up, sorry. “Crappy work” is probably not a term of endearment but rather an indication that your pixels smell.

There are various examples of what C.R.A.P. means on the web (Robin Williams first coined the acronym), but for me it’s this:

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Here's a good article on setting your site or blog up with good looks, balanced colors and contrasts.
By YCON: posted on 20-4-2006

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