Octopuses have trick elbows

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Octopuses have trick elbows

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You might never expect to tell a wobbly-armed octopus to keep its elbows off the dinner table, but new research reveals the creatures stiffen their arms to form humanlike joints to guide food to their mouths.

A three-jointed human arm has only seven degrees of freedom, which are defined as the types of movements each joint can perform. Your shoulder and wrist each have three degrees of freedoms—each can tilt up and down, turn left and right, and can roll in a circular motion. Your elbow, however, only has one degree of freedom, which is tilting up and down.

Scientists consider each of an octopus' eight arms to possess a virtually infinite number of degrees of freedom, allowing them to bend and twist freely. But when it's time to eat, octopuses use their flexible muscles to form temporary, quasi-articulated joints that work similar to how human joints function.

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Thats neat how their elbows work. It's amazing how the octopus works.

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By YCON: posted on 20-4-2006

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