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Chaos In The Palestinian Authority

  • On Thursday April 20, the Hamas-led new Palestinian interior minister Said Siam announced the creation of a government security force led by

    Jamal Abu Samhadana, leader of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC). The militant group, which is sworn to Israel's destruction, took office last month after winning a Palestinian parliamentary election in January which gave it control of the government.

    This new force is expected to serve as a private Hamas army, since the PA security forces, whose members are affiliated with Fatah, refuse to cooperate with the new cabinet. Abu Samhadana is no. 2 on Israel's most wanted list, Samhadana's group is behind countless rocket attacks on Israeli targets. The Popular Resistance Committees was also responsible for the 2003 attack on a U.S. diplomatic convoy in Gaza in which three American security guards were killed. He said, he would not abandon the fight against Israel “Factions and security services should unite in one trench against the daily Israeli aggression against our people.

    ... Quote:

    Samhadana told the Palestinian news agency Ramtan:

    "The (Interior) Ministry will be investing great efforts in guiding the resistance....The Ministry will be cooperating with resistance organizations." Samhadana, appointed to oversee Palestinian security forces, said the Palestinian government did not ask him or his group to curb rocket attacks at Israeli targets. "The government made it clear to us that the decision regarding the firing or an end to the fire belongs to the resistance organizations," he said. "The military actions are related to the resistance and its circumstances and have no connection to the government."

    In Washington, U.S. State Department spokesman Sean McCormack denounced the move, saying it showed "the true nature and the true tactics of this particular Hamas-led government. (AP)

  • On Friday, April 21, Palestinian Authority president and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas had blocked Hamas’ government plans to set up a shadow security force;. As president, Abbas wields considerable power and he has the right to approve or reject key appointments. Abbas then issued an presidential decree vetoing the decision made by Hamas Interior Minister Said Siyam a day before.

    Also the Palestinian Interior Ministery says no letter has been received from Abbas annulling Jamal Abu Samhadana's appointment as the ministry's director-general, Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal accused Abbas of a plot against the Hamas administration. Speaking in Damascus, he said:

    ... Quote:

    [Khaled Meshaal]:

    "What is happening in Palestine is a policy carried out by a parallel government, a counter-government which deprives us of our prerogatives and the people of their rights. It is a plot. A certain part of our people is plotting against us. They are carrying out a premeditated plan which is aimed at our undoing."
    (Middle East Times)

    In a sharp response, the Fatah answered.

    ... Quote:

    "Meshal is inciting a Palestinian civil war.

    He shouldn't interfere with what is going on in the Palestinian territories," a Fatah spokesperson was quoted as saying. "We are the ones who live here and are more aware of what the Palestinian interest is. He should let us solve our problems here in the territories without interfering." (AL Bawabawa)

  • On Saturday April 22, supporters of the rival Fatah and Hamas groups exchanged gunfire and hurled firebombs[/url] at each other. Dozens of Palestinian protesters were wounded in the clashes, the worst between the groups in several months; it is said that Police forces were unable to control the hours-long clashes.

    ... Quote:

    Thousands of Fatah supporters, including hundreds of gunmen firing automatic rifles in the air, marched through the streets of the Jabaliya refugee camp near Gaza City, denouncing Meshal as a "dirty animal" and waving yellow Fatah flags.

    In Khan Yunis in southern Gaza, 6,000 Fatah protesters turned out.

    At least 20 people were wounded in the fighting in Gaza City, which involved students from two of the city's universities - al-Azhar University, which is dominated by Fatah, and the Islamic University, dominated by Hamas. Following this clashes both universities decided to halt studies for 3 days.


Abbas is seriously considering the possibility of firing Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh and forming an emergency cabinet

that would govern until a date has been set for new parliamentary elections.

... Quote:

"The situation is very dangerous and we are on the verge of civil war," one of Abbas's aides told the Jerusalem Post. "President Abbas is now seriously considering the possibility of firing the prime minister and his cabinet. Otherwise, there will be a bloodbath on the streets."

By Riwka: posted on 23-4-2006

Although top aides from Fatah and Hamas had worked all through the night to to end tension that erupted in violent clashes, no agreement was reached in the meeting on the control of the security forces, participants said.

Mass protests and fighting started again on Sunday.

Dozens of Fatah gunmen stormed the municipal building of Nablus / WestBank on Sunday and gave the mayor (who is member of the rival Hamas group), half an hour to shut down his offices.

Before this, they had also atormed a courthouse while firing in the air and ordered guards to lock up the building, The Fatah men vowed not to reopen it until Meshal apologized for his remarks.

... Quote:

Hamas officials tried to distance the government from Mashaal's remarks, saying they reflected his own opinion, and not the government's. But at the same time, the government remained committed to forming its army of thousands of militants.

Interior Minister Said Siyam, who announced the new force earlier the week, told a news conference Saturday he would pursue his plans - despite the presidential decree - and would meet with the force's designated head, fugitive Jamal Abu Samhadana, to discuss when he would take over his new duties.

In theGazaStrip a group of men, some of them armed, whose relative needed treatment abroad came to Health Minister Naim's office and asked him to authorize trips for patients to get treatment in Israel and abroad.

... Quote:

Naim's bodyguards called for backup from Hamas and the two groups engaged in a brief shootout that wounded three people, witnesses and Palestinian security forces said. One wounded man bleeding from his leg lay outside the office compound before he was evacuated in a taxi.

Palestinian police and masked Hamas militants surrounded the building. When they tried to approach, the gunmen inside fired at them. After a 45-minute standoff, the police and the militants retook the building, arresting three of the gunmen. Naim left surrounded by 10 Hamas militants.


Meanwhile, in an interview to The Sunday Telegraph, incoming Director General of the Palestinian interior ministry Jamal Abu Samhadana says:
We have only one enemy. They are Jews. We have no other enemy.
By Riwka: posted on 24-4-2006

Wow, the situation is steadily going from bad to worse.
It would seem like there are differences at the ideological level between the two groups. It would seem that despite losing political power, the Fatah still weilds consierable power to provide some opposition to Hamas.
With Hamas refusing to recognize Israel or changing their stance on Israel its no wonder that they would employ a terrorist leader to ru their security force. With the creation of this new security force by the HAMAS and a pro-Hamas force on the streets, I think this would only mean more trouble for the West Bank.

If civil war does break out in Palestine, it would generate a massive refugee and security problem. If the situation continues, Israel would have to take over control of the West bank to restore order. Also if this is unchecked Israel would have to contend with palestinians fleeing the area or refugees. That would again be a major problem !
By IAF: posted on 27-4-2006

Yes, but a Hamas -led government, sworn to the destruction of Israel , is NO obstacle to anything.... least Mr. Abbas says:

This is NOT a joke, he really said so:

... Quote:

OSLO, April 26, 2006 - In a speech before the Nobel Institute in Oslo, Abbas said:

I am ready to immediately resume negotiations with the Israeli government.

It is important for me to clarify that the Palestinian Legislative elections, which brought Hamas to power, is not an obstacle in front of negotiations.

(WAFA-PLO News Agency)

By Riwka: posted on 28-4-2006

Hamas launched a campaign to confiscate "illegal" weapons in the Gaza Strip.

Well, sounds nice. One could assume, they are remembering the Oslo agreements.

But.... the Hamas spokesman explained:

... Quote:

"The only ones who will be allowed to carry weapons are
the policemen who are in charge of law and order and members of the resistance groups who are confronting Israeli aggression."

also, they collected money from the poor people on the street:

... Quote:

On Friday, thousands of Palestinians took to the streets to protest against the international sanctions against the Hamas cabinet.

The protests were held under the motto, 'Yes to starvation, no to capitulation."

In Ramallah, local residents donated over $60,000 in cash and two kilograms of gold to the Hamas cabinet.

They had also a message to Israel

... Quote:

Interior Minister Siam [...]reiterated his Hamas's refusal to recognize Israel's right to exist.

and they had a very special charme to wish Gorge Bush a long and good life:

... Quote:

Addressing US President George W. Bush, Safi said: "We will chop off the head of anyone who tries to bring down our cabinet.

The US wants us to succumb and become its slaves, but we won't give in because we are free and sovereign."

By Riwka: posted on 8-5-2006

Although Mahmoud Abbas had blocked Hamas’ government plans to set up a shadow security force, the Hamas cabinet, has ignored Abbas's decree and managed to recruit hundreds of militiamen to the new force which is said to officially start operating on May 14.
By Riwka: posted on 8-5-2006

Hamas and Fatah clashed on early Monday morning, firing assault rifles and an anti-tank missile at each other.

Fatah gunmen killed one Hamas militant, and Hamas men killed two Fatah gunmen, at least 10 people were wounded.
By Riwka: posted on 8-5-2006

And the clashes are still ongonig on Tuesday:

Palestinian Centre for Human Rights reports

11 Palestinians injured in Armed Clashes between Fatah and Hamas in Gaza City - including five children which had to be taken to the Shifa Hospital in GazaCity for treatment.

They also report Preventive Security Members Assault a Member of the Palestinian Legislative Council and Haniya's Political Advisor
By Riwka: posted on 10-5-2006

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