Hell storm Monica threatens Australia

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Hell storm Monica threatens Australia

OK, this is really interesting, read the commentary by the writer on this site, with accompanying pics.

so ... we had Katrina in New Orleans, then another big storm that hit Australia, and now this, the biggest yet.

What part of these events are either man made, or emerge from global warming?


It is hard to imagine a worse situation in this area as Australian cyclones almost never reach this strength.

Monica is currently much stronger than 1974's Cyclone Tracy which is the benchmark storm for Australia. As far as I can tell, Monica may be the most intense cyclone to ever impact the region or even Australia.

This is an incredibly powerful cylone that actually is stronger than Hurrican Wilma (the strongest hurricane ever in the Atlantic).
By netchicken: posted on 25-4-2006

That is a big storm. I know we have the La Nina affect this year, the warming or cooling of the ocean, maybe thats what made it so huge.
By YCON: posted on 25-4-2006

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