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Fox News pushing Global Warming?

I don't buy into the line of thought that we humans are responsible for climate changes. I think that is egocentric and trying to give us credit for natural cycles. However, when a site that is definitely right of political center starts sounding like a Cousteau Society spokes platform maybe I should reevaluate my thinking.

... Quote:
In Alaska, parts of the 3,000-year-old Herbert Glacier are 500 feet thick, but the glacier is melting at a rate of 200 feet per year.

... Quote:
Some scientists say the receding glaciers, like canaries in a coal mine, are providing an early warning system for the Earth. They say human-caused global warming is making the sea level rise and can spawn floods — called glacier outbursts — brought on by glacial melting. They say global warming is responsible for extreme weather and outbreaks of diseases throughout the world.

Here's a quote that is the type that makes me stop and say, "No, you cannot simply look at an event and blindly blame humans for it!" but as a victim of media misquoting myself, I suppose I should figure that there was more to the conversation and the bullet statement was cropped to make the case:

... Quote:
"When we see a place like this changing," he said, "we can attribute it to climate change and to the human influence on the planet."

Today, the major polluters are not corporations operating inside the U.S. as many would have the world believe, but are less technologically-developed countries that are working to try and get their share of the economic pie. I doubt these places will be convinced to clean up, and as agreements like the Kyoto treaty does nothing to confront the real problem, we might just have to learn how to swim.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 26-4-2006

The US media really has taken this onboard, its almost as if its their way of attacking governmental restraints and silence.

I wonder if they are actually going overboard, or if finally the truth of what is going to happen is sinking in.

A good example I saw tonight on CNN (The only english language station I can get at present) on the oil crisis of 2009 with a scary senario of oil shortages owing to terrorist attacks and natural disasters and how America will cope, or won't, as the case may be.

It has the potential to remove America as a superpower from the world, totally crippling the country.

However I do think the bird flu panic is 90% hysteria.
By netchicken: posted on 26-4-2006

Check out this for an interesting punt in investment....

... Quote:
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Bill Gates holds a 25.5-percent stake in Pacific Ethanol Inc., resulting from a private transaction with the maker of corn-based fuel, according to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing.

Gates acquired 5.25 million shares convertible preferred stock on April 13 for $16 per share, the filing said. Those shares are convertible to 10.5 million shares of common stock.

Pacific Ethanol is building an ethanol production facility in California and said in late March it hoped the deal with Cascade Investment, Gates's investment vehicle, would close by mid-April.

In the SEC filing, Cascade said it acquired the common stock "for investment purposes only" and will continue to evaluate its ownership stake and voting position.

Cascade said it would leave open the possibility of continuing to hold the stock, disposing of it or acquiring more in the open market or through private transactions, and entering into short sales or other hedging transactions.

By netchicken: posted on 26-4-2006

I watched a show on Global Dimming the other night. Global dimming is the ability of the sun to reach the earth. They say that the amount of sun getting to earth is 10-30 percent less then it was in 1965?, a area in russia is 30 percent less and US and many other places is 10 percent less.

What global dimming is doing, is masking global warming. It would be even warmer without it. It also slows down the evaporation rate, so you don't see as much drought as global warming would be causing.

Commercial airplanes contrails are putting a cover over the earth, plus pollutions from fuel burning vehicals and industry. After 9-11 when they grounded all commercial flights for 3 days in the US, they noticed a change in temperture span. Instead of the tempertures staying within "normal" range, the low dropped several degrees lower and the highs went several degrees higher. This was just in a few days of grounding the flights, if global dimming wasn't happening we would be feeling the effect of global warming a lot more.

Global warming may just be a earth cycle but pollutions are definitely affecting it.
By YCON: posted on 26-4-2006

Thats interesting, I was wondering recently if the hot summers of my childhood were just rose tinted glasses, or real, or do kids experience the same things differntly from adults.

Now you guys have had heat waves, but at my end of the earth I don't remember the summers being so mild....
By netchicken: posted on 26-4-2006

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