Sweden Rejects Air Force Exercise with Israel

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Sweden Rejects Air Force Exercise with Israel

Our swedish pals:

Sweden has called off its participation in international air force exercises in Italy next month because of the involvement of the IAF.

Asked for a reason, Swedish Defense Minister Leni Bjorklund said that her country is withdrawing because of the participation of "a state that does not take part in preserving international peace."

... Quote:

Israels Foreign Ministry Director-General Ron Prosser then on Thursday summoned Swedish Ambassador to Israel Robert Rydberg , asking him to clarify Stockholm's decision to withdraw from a NATO international air force exercise because of Israel's participation.

Rydberg answered that Sweden had "technical and financial" reasons for dropping out of the exercise, and pointed out that Israel and Sweden had never participated in the same peacekeeping exercise.

Israeli officials have responded harshly to the decision.
By Riwka: posted on 28-4-2006

But here is a possible explanation....

They MUST have a different view of what is taking part in preserving international peace:

Sweden has issued visas to Hamas

... Quote:

Swedish Ambassador to Israel, Robert Rydberg was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on Thursday to explain his government’s decision to give visas to Hamas members to enter Sweden.

Director-General of the Foreign Ministry Ron Prossor said that Stockholm’s decision effectively legitimizes terrorism, and that one cannot make the distinction between a terrorist organization and its members, Israel Radio reported.

By Riwka: posted on 28-4-2006

That's it, I'm gonna key the sides of every Saab is see! :sh

Spray painting the sides of all Volvos, too!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-4-2006

Volvo's car business Volvo Car Corporation is owned by Ford Motors, its the Volvo buses and trucks that you want to go after! ;) Also there is Scania, another company that makes trucks.

Anyways I doubt you can find many or any of them on the highways here.
By IAF: posted on 28-4-2006

I'm a little peeved at Ford for other reasons, right now, so it isn't as if the effort will be wasted! :P

More importantly, though, is that the Swedes are serious about pulling out of the joint exercise!
Gee how will ever even think of keeping peace without them? I mean, just look at the pivotal role they played in.....in....er, well....someone help me out, huh?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 29-4-2006

I can't believe the swedes would be involved in such a myopic crazy statement. Has the world gone mad, or is someone paying them heaps to be freindly. Maybe Iran et al have given them trade deals based on thie acceptance of Hamas. Its the only sort of explanation that makes sence.
By netchicken: posted on 29-4-2006

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