16,000 Species Said to Face Extinction

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16,000 Species Said to Face Extinction

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GENEVA - Polar bears and hippos are among more than 16,000 species of animals and plants threatened with global extinction, the World Conservation Union said Tuesday.

According to the Swiss-based conservation group, known by its acronym IUCN, the number of species classified as being in serious danger of extinction rose from about 15,500 in its previous "Red List" report, published in 2004.

The list includes one in three amphibians, a quarter of the world's mammals and coniferous trees, and one in eight birds, according to a preview of the 2006 Red List. The full report is published later this week.

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16,000 species are at risk for extinction. Some of these extinctions are from man destroying their habitats, others from hunting and some from global warming and melting of the ice caps. Many species of fish are going extinct from pollution.

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By YCON: posted on 2-5-2006

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