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A capital for two states?

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JERUSALEM -- Israel's new government has outlined the clearest picture yet of how it plans to divide the holy city of Jerusalem and abandon much of the West Bank in its move to separate from the Palestinians.

Otniel Schneller -an architect of the plan - said in interviews this week with The Associated Press that his blueprint would give most of Jerusalem's Arab neighborhoods to the Palestinians while keeping the predominantly Jewish areas for Israel.

"Those same neighborhoods will, in my assessment, be central to the makeup of the Palestinian capital ... al-Quds," Schneller said, calling Jerusalem by its Arabic name. "We will not divide Jerusalem, we will share it."

But Israel would keep Jerusalem's Old City with its shrines sacred to Jews, Muslims and Christians alike _ an unacceptable plan to Palestinians, particularly if carried out unilaterally.

Still, with Prime Minister Ehud Olmert determined to draw Israel's final borders by 2010, likely without waiting for Palestinian agreement, a division of Jerusalem looks realistic for the first time.

Washington Post

The article says the most Israelis are against plans to devide Jerusalem, but many polls showed that this is not the case.
By Riwka: posted on 6-5-2006

Wow, so will this be taken by the Palastinians as Israel 'surrendering' to their demands?

May it infact create more violence after they see that infact violence DOES achieve the outcome they want?

This sort of undoes years of work and billions in investing in the present system.
By netchicken: posted on 6-5-2006

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