Israeli Navy Recovers 550 kG Of Smuggled TNT

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Israeli Navy Recovers 550 kG Of Smuggled TNT

The PA claimes to have no money to pay salaries - but someone seems to had money to buy more than half a ton of high-grade explosives:

Debka already reported Wednesday last week:

... Quote:

Israeli navy alerted early Wednesday by approach of suspect Palestinian fishing boat from Gaza to Israeli port of Ashkelon

May 4, 2006, 9:14 AM (GMT+02:00)

The crew threw weapons and large bags overboard when an Israeli naval patrol approached. Israeli seamen boarded the boat and had it towed into the naval base at Ashdod port. The crew is under interrogation on suspicion of heading for a terror attack on the southern town of Ashkelon, which was crowded with Independence Day holiday trippers. The water is being dragged for the bags and weapons

The suspicious cargo was dropped off by the Palestinian boats once their crews noticed the Israeli ship, the source told AFP.

Two days ago, the navy sent an underwater retrieval unit to inspect the sacks' contents.

A robot was sent down, and located 13 sacks at a depth of 30 meters containing high-quality explosives that had been scavenged, Maj. Oren Raba head of the navy underwater retrieval unit said, from dismantled mines in the Sinai.

(IDF soldiers walking past the bags of explosives fished out of the Mediterranean Sea in Ashdod on Tuesday - Photo: AP)

Now the news of exactly what was on that Palestinian "fishing" boat are released:

... Quote:

The Israeli Navy intercepted and seized more than half a ton of high-grade explosives that a Palestinian fishing boat was attempting to bring in to Gaza from nearby Egypt, the military said today.

The incident, Israel's largest seizure of weaponry headed to the Palestinian territories since 2002, occurred at about 3:40 a.m. last Wednesday, Capt. Yoram Laks of the Navy said in a telephone interview.

The boat and its crew escaped, he said, so that Israel does not yet know who sold or purchased the explosives. But the material is "weapons-grade TNT," he said, some of it salvaged from manufactured military arms like mines, shells and grenades.

Such material is a major step up from the home-made explosives, fashioned from fertilizer and other chemicals, that Palestinians usually use.

New York Times

The incident marks Israel's largest seizure of arms heading to Gaza since the foiled attempt to smuggle 50 tons of weapons aboard the Palestinian-captained ship Karine A in 2002

- and since Israel's disengagement from the Gaza Strip in August 2005, the Israel Navy has thwarted three attempts to smuggle explosives and weapons into Gaza, as well as an attempt to detonate a bomb near an Israeli warship.
By Riwka: posted on 10-5-2006

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