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Flooded New England Update Damage Assessed (USA)

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HAVERHILL, Mass. - Emergency crews used boats to rescue people trapped in their homes and sewage systems overflowed Monday as rain pounded New England for the fourth straight day in what could prove to be the region's worst flooding in decades.

The rain totals could hit 15 inches by Monday afternoon, triggering the worst flooding in some areas since 1936, the National Weather Service said.

In the Merrimack Valley, north of Boston on the New Hampshire line, the Merrimack and Spicket rivers overflowed their banks and forced the evacuations of hundreds of people.

Firefighters warned roommates Erica Digaetano, 22, and Kelly Malynn, 23, to leave their first-floor apartment in downtown Haverhill. Water had filled the basement up to the ceiling and was still rising.

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Fifteen inches of rain fell in New England in the last 4 days.
By YCON: posted on 16-5-2006

Flood Damage Assessed in New England

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PLUM ISLAND, Mass. - The rain-swollen Merrimack River tore through two states, swallowing up almost anything in its path — boat docks, baby toys, even a shopping cart.

Now, as the river rushes to the ocean, it has left beaches littered with debris just a week before the start of summer tourism season. Crews already had spent the two weeks cleaning beaches in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend.

"We were ready to go, but now it's much worse than before," said John Moak, mayor of Newburyport, on the north end of Plum Island.

Officials assessed the damage Thursday after five days of relentless rain inundated parts of Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine with the worst flooding in the region since the 1930s.

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Thousands of dollars in damage caused by 5 days of rain. This is the worse flooding for Massachusetts, Maine and New Hampshire since the 1930's.
By YCON: posted on 19-5-2006

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