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EU proposes PA aide

The European Union, finding they have no backbone for facing evil, are crumbling to Palestinian pressure to cough of the extortion money.
... Quote:
By Reuters

BRUSSELS - The European Commission has drawn up a plan to provide tens of millions of dollars to run Palestinian ministries and pay staff in a bid to prevent the collapse of essential services, a European Union official said Monday.

The official stressed the proposals were dependent on the endorsement of the United States to ensure lending institutions would participate without facing the threat of U.S. sanctions.

Ok, remind me again; what was the reason for not paying money to the PA? Was it to keep a terrorist organization from being financed by Western taxpayers until the terrorist organization renounced violence, stopped attacking Israel and recognized Israel's right to exist?
When did Hamas do that?

... Quote:
The EU agreed this month to develop a temporary mechanismapproved by the so-called Quartet of Middle East mediators to prevent financial collapse and unrest in the Palestinian territories after cut-offs of Western aid to the Hamas-led government.

Ok, just exactly what did the dolts of the EU think was going to happen when the money-spigot was shut off? Did they think that the terrorists were going to immediately bow to pressure? Well, if that was what they thought, it didn't happen.
Were they unable to think past their hopes that within a week or two Hamas would have a change of heart?

... Quote:
The European Commission proposal covers three main areas.

"One is running costs and supplies in ministries providing essential services like health and education," the official said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"There is also a section about covering costs of utilities such as energy, and the third part is on paying allowances - social welfare payments - to those working in essential areas."

Ok, so what this means is they want to take the sting out of any attempt to pressure the people and Hamas; so what is the reason for the attempted isolation?

Let's face the facts here. The reason why the Arab Palestinians aren't being handed other people's money for nothing is because they elected a terrorist organization to represent them. This terrorist organization vows to destroy Israel and murders innocent people, refusing to see the difference between military targets and babies. It seems perfectly clear that they not only want to hold one hand out for money, they want it to be filled while the other hand holds weapons to be used against Israel.

The EU has no testicles.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-5-2006

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