Primary school in Israel hit by Kassam rocket

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Primary school in Israel hit by Kassam rocket

The children were in another part of the school for prayer, elswise things would have been much different.

Of course, this attack, along with dozens of other attacks, was carried out from Gaza; the area Israel decided to hand over to the Arab Palestinians. Of course, to show a concillatory spirit, the Arab Palestinians immediately vandalized and destroyed the same things that became theirs and turned the area into a launching pad from which to reach deeper into Israeli territory.

The Sderot school was struck by one of these Kassam rockets but no injuries or fatalities were sustained, but this was no comfort to the parents of the children.

... Quote:
"How can it be that nothing has been done for eight months?" asked Sofi Ben Shoshen, head of the parents' association at the Netiv Yeshivati School. "It cannot be that my children will continue to be vulnerable. So what if no one was hurt? Everybody here is panic-stricken. You need to protect our schools, our children are there most of the day," she said.

Defense minister Amir Peretz said there is no way that protective measures can be in place before the next school year starts in September.

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"The chances that we will complete all the reinforcements before the beginning of the start of school in September seems a fantasy to me."

The EU wants to send money to the poor Arab Palestinians for "essential services" while the poor Arab Palestinians send rockets into Israeli territory - and into Israeli schools. Utter madness, if you ask me.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 23-5-2006

You have a good point Mr. Crowne.

Children shouldn't have to fear leaving for school in the morning, not knowing whether they would ever make it home. Of course, there aren't many places left in the world where children are safe at school anymore.

More importantly, no one should be getting money from anyone if they are committing any acts of violence period, especially outside their borders. I suppose it can be argued that you can't punish the whole group for the acts of a few, but honestly, if we don't get to a point where people police their own, this is never going to end.
By MELtdown: posted on 24-5-2006

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