6 World Powers agree on Iran incentives

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6 World Powers agree on Iran incentives

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VIENNA, Austria - Six world powers agreed Thursday to offer Iran a new choice of rewards if it gives up suspect nuclear activities or punishment if it refuses, a gambit that could either defuse a global confrontation with the Islamic regime or hasten one.

"There are two paths ahead," British Foreign Secretary Margaret Becket said in announcing agreement among the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Russia and China on a package deal for Iran that carries the threat of United Nations sanctions.

The package would be on the table for a proposed new round of bargaining with Tehran over what the West calls a rogue nuclear program that could produce a bomb. The U.S., in a major policy shift, agreed this week to join those talks under certain conditions. It would be the first major public negotiations between the adversaries in more than a quarter century.

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6 world powers agree om Iran incentives. Iran will either recieve awards for stopping their nuclear enrichment program or sanctions will be put on them and possibly air attacks.
By YCON: posted on 2-6-2006

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