World powers give Iran enrichment leeway

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World powers give Iran enrichment leeway

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VIENNA, Austria - In a major concession, world powers are no longer demanding that Iran commit to a prolonged moratorium on uranium enrichment and are now asking only for a suspension during talks on its nuclear program, diplomats and officials said Wednesday.

The proposal and a connected offer to allow continued uranium conversion are part of an effort to avoid a showdown over international concerns that the Iranians are trying to develop nuclear weapons.

Backing off the previous stance on enrichment signals a possible readiness by the United States and key allies to accept some limited form of enrichment by Iran, despite years of warnings from Washington that Tehran wanted such technology to make atomic warheads.

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World powers gives Iran leeway with it's enrichment program. They're asking that Iran temporarily suspend operations during talks.

This may be Irans last option before sanctions are set on them. I would be wise for the iranian president to accept this offer and have the talks with the world powers.
By YCON: posted on 8-6-2006

Iran to make counteroffer to West

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TEHRAN, Iran - Tehran will make a counteroffer in response to a Western incentive package aimed at persuading Iran to suspend uranium enrichment, the foreign minister said Saturday.

The counteroffer may be a variation of the proposal made by Europe, the United States, China and Russia or could be an entirely new package, Manouchehr Mottaki said, according to the state-run news agency IRNA.

"We hope that Iran's real proposal, which might come within a modified or new package, will be examined carefully by Europe," he said.

He did not elaborate on how the Iranian proposal might differ from the Western package.

"We intend to take steps toward a comprehensive understanding that considers the rights of one side, Iran, and resolves the concerns of the other side at the same time," Mottaki said. "Iran has begun examination of the European package and it will officially response to the European side."

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I have a feeling that Iran will continue to insist on enriching uranium, maybe a smaller amount as the counteroffer.
By YCON: posted on 11-6-2006

When is this charade going to end ?? Everybody knows that Iran wants to make a bomb, everybody else knows that they shouldnt be allowed to.

They dont need nuclear power as they have tonnes of oil right underneath them, so its not a life and death issue for Iran even though they claim it is so. Its time the world says enough is enough and put its foot down! Sure we may have to face oil prices shooting up to $100 a barrel but every time I pay for gas that little more I will be glad to know that I am paying to keep this world a safer place and I think most people are willing to pay an extra dollar for that.

In the end it is Iran that needs to sell its oil more that America needs to buy it, we can afford to pay higher prices but their economy will shut down if they dont sell oil. All we need is for China and Russia to stop being greedy and do what is right.
By IAF: posted on 11-6-2006

Iran accepts parts of Western nuke offer

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TEHRAN, Iran - Iran said Sunday that it accepted some parts of a Western offer aimed at getting Tehran to drop its nuclear program, but it rejected others while calling the central point ambiguous.

Iran said the key issue of uranium enrichment — a process that can make nuclear fuel for a power plant or fissile material for an atomic bomb — needed clarification.

Although the government did not give specifics, the comments were the first time Iran has said directly that it rejects or accepts parts of the package.

Top nuclear negotiator Ali Larijani said Iran would reject the package outright if Western powers threatened the Islamic republic with sanctions in the nuclear standoff.

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Iran says some of the offers are acceptable and some are unclear. Iran wants no pressure while negotiating, including no threat of sanctions and no time pressure, they will take as long as necessary, to study it.

I bet they don't take the offer.
By YCON: posted on 12-6-2006

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