Crop Circle Shows 3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry

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Crop Circle Shows 3-D Hyperdimensional Geometry

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What we see in the above diagram is completely incredible. For what appears to be the first time, we have an image depicting an "unwrapped" octahedron in a "Crop circle" of truly epic size, now more appropriately called a "crop formation." If any of us decide to trace out this pattern on paper, cut it out and fold the edges as shown, we will indeed have a scale model of an octahedron. The numbered triangles in the crop circle diagram all fit together as shown on the three-dimensional model to the right.

(David recognized this right away from having built these models himself out of two-dimensional thin cardboard cutouts. The very first "main" fold is between triangles 2 and 6, and then the other sides will wrap around this and assemble into the octahedron as shown.)

This exciting new formation, quite gigantic at over 250 feet in width, lends dramatic support to the idea that the Circlemakers are attempting to show us these "hyperdimensional geometries" at work. This is indeed the next step in an ongoing demonstration of the geometry of "hyperdimensional physics" as described in Convergence and other sources including Richard Hoagland's Enterprise Mission website and Monuments of Mars text.

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Here's an interesting article on a crop circle depicting "hyperdimensional physics". They say it is intended to show us that our space-time fabric of current reality is about to change.

2012 anyone? Return of Christ?

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By YCON: posted on 16-6-2006

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