Scientology taking out sites that tell the truth about it

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Scientology taking out sites that tell the truth about it

Scientology has been threatening legal action against websites hosting pages that tell the truth about the group.

Here are some links to a facinating topic that scientology are tryig desperatly to stop people from reading.

Discussion and mirrors of the original site that was shut down...

Exerts from the website that have been discussed

A good thread on how was hacked by scientologists...

... Quote:
As the author of the story "Scientology is not Science", and owner of the website "", I will use this thread to inform digg users of my situation.

The situation is as follows.

I am a journalism student living in Central Florida. My residence here has afforded me easy access to Scientology related facilities and allowed me to research the Church in nearby Clearwater Florida. Clearwater is the home of Scientology's Flag Land Base and the now disbanded Lisa McPherson Trust.

While doing research in Clearwater I made friends with several members of Lisa McPherson Trust and helped them create video and audio interviews in and around the Clearwater area. An unfortunate side effect of this was my probable making of Scientology's fair game list. This has lead to my harassment through an invasion of my personal privacy and attacks against my property.

On Saturday June 17 2006 I put online at "" an original research article title "Scientology is not Science" and submitted it to the social news website The story quickly became the then highest dugg story of the week, prompting its rapid propagation over the Internet.

By Monday afternoon my article had thousands of page views. After having published that article I received a notice that I was in violation of your terms and conditions, requiring the immediate attention of the legal department at Verio Inc. The take down notice picked up by a digg user who posted a follow up story on That story quickly eclipsed the popularity of my original submission.

Specifically, I have been accusing of forgery and violating of Verio's acceptable use policy "whether lawful or unlawful that [is] harmful to[NTT's] ... operations, reputation, goodwill, or customer relations." These accusations, sent by lawyers representing the Church of Scientology, were copied to me by Verio's legal department.

The Scientology lawyers have also accused me of coordinating a scheme set up to create chaos for the Church by flooding them with spam and phone calls. Under advisement, I have taken down my site and am waiting for the situation to be resolved. At such a time my website will be restored and I will make further statements.
By netchicken: posted on 23-6-2006

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