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Baby with three arms born

wow, sad and wierd, I wonder how much control he has with it...

SHANGHAI, China -- A doctor inspects a 59-day-old baby boy who was born with three arms, at a hospital in Shanghai, in east China. Doctors are checking the boys physical condition before deciding whether to remove his third arm. (05/31/06 AP photo)

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By netchicken: posted on 1-7-2006

we already posted this one. The kid had his operation and it was successful
By YCON: posted on 1-7-2006

Thats nice, I wonder if people could point to that as being a form of genetic mutation that would show evolution?
By netchicken: posted on 4-7-2006

No, I don't think it would. It happens occassionally that a twin starts to form but does not completely develope.
By YCON: posted on 4-7-2006

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