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Eclipse temperature sensitive wall paint

We have the paint to beat all paint. Can't decide on a color? How about a paint that changes color all the time?

Eclipse Wall Paint is a new product of ALSA Corp. God knows what is in it, but it starts at a dark color and brightens up into bright whites or blues when touched or heated up in any way.

In case you want to get really crazy with this stuff, it can come with other visual effects called CrystalFX, SpectraFX or Funky Munkey. Check out What happens when you put your face against the wall. Here's another review from Cosmos Magazine. Available for $349 a gallon. (Thanks, Jill & Mary - via


This is really neat. A wall paint that changes color when it is heated. Make sure you click the link, theres another picture.

anim-funkymunky-1.gif - 62.45kb
By YCON: posted on 1-7-2006

Thats bizzare, when the wall changes color do you have to change the color of your furnishings as well?

Still pretty gimmicky for that huge cost of paint.
By netchicken: posted on 3-7-2006

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