Docs: Comatose man\'s brain rewired itself

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Docs: Comatose man's brain rewired itself

Doctors have their first proof that a man who was barely conscious for nearly 20 years regained speech and movement because his brain spontaneously rewired itself by growing tiny new nerve connections to replace the ones sheared apart in a car crash.

Terry Wallis, 42, is thought to be the only person in the United States to recover so dramatically so long after a severe brain injury. He still needs help eating and cannot walk, but his speech continues to improve and he can count to 25 without interruption.

Wallis' sudden recovery happened three years ago at a rehabilitation center in Mountain View, Ark., but doctors said the same cannot be hoped for people in a persistent vegetative state, such as Terri Schiavo, the Florida woman who died last year after a fierce right-to-die court battle. Nor do they know how to make others with less serious damage, like Wallis, recover.

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Here's an unusual case, where a man in a comatose state is starting to recover. He had severe brain injuries and was bearly conscious for 20 years. His brain slowly grew new nerve connections and he is starting to talk and move. He lost memory of the 20 years he was in a coma but remembers his life before the accident. He still believes Reagan is president.

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By YCON: posted on 4-7-2006

He still believes Reagan is president, wake him up from that nightmere please!

Amazing, certinaly something needed by everyone.
By netchicken: posted on 4-7-2006

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