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In search of the metal library in South America

Now here is an interesting article. A hidden library in South America full of metal books.

... Quote:
From Jaramillo, Hall was able to learn the true story of the Tayos library which was not in the Cueva de los Tayos at all! Jaramillo stated that he had entered the library in 1946, when he was 17 years old.

He was shown it by an uncle, whose name has gone unrecorded but who was known as "Blanquito Pelado" (a loving description of the man's appearance). He was apparently on friendly terms with the local Shuar population, who invited him to see a secret in gratitude for the kindness and goodness he had shown towards the tribe.

Jaramillo entered the system at least once after that. On that occasion, he saw a library consisting of thousands of large, metal books stacked on shelves, each with an average weight of about 20 kilograms, each page impressed from one side with ideographs, geometric designs and written inscriptions.

There was a second library, consisting of small, hard, smooth, translucent what seemed to be crystal ”tablets, grooved with parallel encrusted channels, stacked on sloping shelves of trestled units covered in gold leaf. There were zoomorphic and human statues (some on heavy column plinths), metal bars of different shapes, as well as sealed "doors" ”possibly tombs”covered in mixtures of coloured, semi-precious stones.

There was a large sarcophagus, sculpted from hard, translucent material, containing the gold-leafed skeleton of a large human being. In short, an incredible treasure, stored away as if hidden in preparation for some upcoming disaster.

On one occasion, Jaramillo took down seven books from the shelves to study them, but their weight prevented him from replacing them. It also meant that they were too heavy to remove from the library and reveal to the world. Jaramillo never produced any physical evidence for his claims, which may explain why he wanted to live in the shadows of this story.

Hall did ask him why he never took photographs. "He said that it would not prove anything." Other discoveries, such as the infamous Burrows Cave in the United States, prove that seeing actually isn't believing.

Still, Jaramillo stated that he had left his initials in these seven books so that, if the library were ever discovered, it could be proved that it was he who had entered it.
By netchicken: posted on 4-7-2006

As we walked through the tunnels of gold

This is a very interesting story, it makes me wonder about the giants that use to roam the earth.

I found another site with more information.

"As we walked through the tunnels of gold

... Quote:
In the 17th century, an effort was made to find the treasure supposedly hidden underneath the Inca capital. After a team spent several days underground somewhere underground only one person came out alive. He emerged from an opening under the main altar of the church of Santo Domingo, the site of the Coricancha. Most importantly, the survivor brought with him an ear of corm made of solid gold.

A century later, in 1814, Brigadier Mateo Garcia Pumakahua showed his superiors part of the treasure. He took an officer blind-folded through the main square of Cuczo, to a stream and then, after removing some stones, proceeded down a stone stairway into Cuzcos underworld. Once the blindfold was removed, he saw large silver pumas with emeralds, śbricks made of gold and silver, etc. He stated that when witnessing these treasures, he could hear the clock of the Cathedral of Cuczo ringing above. It seems everyone in Cuzco was walking on gold, without knowing it.

Interior corridor of the ancient Temple of the sun, now part of the Convent of Santo Domingo, Cuzco

templesun.jpg - 43.41kb
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Here's a picture of the cave entrance

The Tayos' Cave. The Entrance

This picture, taken in august, 2000, shows the entrance to the subterranean world of The Tayos' Cave.

caveentrada_tallos.jpg - 28.14kb
By YCON: posted on 4-7-2006

Tayos Caves Enigma

Best information is in 'Tayos Gold: The Archives of Atlantis' from
By grailscope: posted on 15-7-2006

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