Iraqis blast U.S. over rape-slaying case

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Iraqis blast U.S. over rape-slaying case

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BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi lawmakers blasted the United States on Tuesday over an alleged rape-slaying case, while a southern governor said he was resigning amid fears Iraqi forces cannot handle security once coalition troops transfer responsibility there this month.

Two women legislators called for Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to be summoned to parliament to give assurances that justice would be done in the March 12 slaying of four members of a family in Mahmoudiya. A teenage girl allegedly was raped before being killed.

Former Pfc. Steven D. Green was charged Monday in federal court in North Carolina with murder and rape. At least four other U.S. soldiers still in Iraq are under investigation, and the military has stressed it is taking the allegations seriously.

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It's really a shame to see US soldiers commit these horrid acts against other human beings. It makes our whole military look bad. At least this soldier was caught and charged with rape and murder. Hopefully the other 4 involved will get their day in court.
By YCON: posted on 5-7-2006

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