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Prophecy of the end of New York city

This is a facinating and sobering read....

(read the link, too much to copy and paste)
On September 17, 2001, a reverend from Tirol, Josef Stocker, spoke to the seer by telephone. Regarding the New York attack of September 11, 2001 the Farmer of Krems said:

The terrorist act that is prophesied for the present-time has not yet occurred, and when it does there will be a nearly total destruction of New York -- an unprecedented terrorist act that will be carried out with two small nuclear explosive devices.

Besides that he also sees, in their entirety, major battles being fought in Egypt against us (Western forces). Before the start of the Third World War, he sees a limited conflict on the Balkan Peninsula and the destruction of New York. It is summer-like weather:
By netchicken: posted on 6-7-2006

There seems to be several prophecies that foretell the destruction of New York. Some people believe New York is the babylon in the bible that gets destroyed.
By YCON: posted on 6-7-2006

I tend to be better versed in Catholic prophesy, since that is what I know.

If there's anything at all to those, they have been fairly consistent over the centuries and the west coast will go via nautral disaster before the east coast, but by whatever means THEN that will go too.

So if true, something like SF dropping off the face of the earth is a warning sign that NY is in trouble.

As for the Babylon predictions, from what I can see at the time they were told in the Bible, they were a reference to things already passed.

One last one for fun. The 7 year reign of Satan. Suppossedly St Patrick got assurance from God that his beloved Ireland would not suffer this development in the end times. It's considered shaky even amongst Catholics BUT if Ireland ever suddenly disappears into the ocean in one full swoop, better start counting, cause that's how their deliverance is to come.

A tad too "rapturesque" for me, but just thought I'd share. ;)
By MELtdown: posted on 6-11-2006

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