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Automatic Glock 17 pistol videos

This is really interesting videos of a fully automatic Glock pistol that fires 17 bullets in under 1 second.

... Quote:
One of the more popular weapons in Iraq, for those that can afford it, is the Glock 18 9mm pistol. This one looks just like the widely used Glock 17 pistol, but with one major difference, the Glock 18 can fire full auto (1200 rounds a minute).

Since the Glock 18 magazine only holds 17 rounds, this means you can empty it in less than second. However, you can also fire two or three short bursts instead, once you get used to firing a fully automatic pistol.


Slow motion action

glock-17-automatic.jpg - 17.03kb
By netchicken: posted on 11-7-2006

All i can say is PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i've been good where can i get one :sh

The Duke

:sh :sh :sh :sh :sh :sh :sh :sh :sh
By The Duke: posted on 16-7-2006

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