Frustrated world powers send Iran to U.N.

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Frustrated world powers send Iran to U.N.

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PARIS - Frustrated world powers agreed Wednesday to send Iran before the United Nations Security Council for possible punishment, saying the Iranians had given no sign they would bargain in earnest over their disputed nuclear program.

The move amounted to calling Iran's bluff. Diplomats said recent meetings with Iran's nuclear negotiator have gone nowhere and it was clear Tehran hoped to play for time or exploit potential divisions among the six powers that have offered new talks.

The United States and other nations wanted Iran to say by Wednesday whether it would meet terms to begin negotiations on a package of economic and energy incentives in exchange for at least a short-term end to Tehran's program to enrich uranium.

The Security Council's permanent members said Iranian leaders had had long enough to respond.

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Iran insists it needs more time. World Powers send Iran to the U.N. after no response today.
By YCON: posted on 13-7-2006

Its the same old game that Sadam played .. or was he right?

Anyway, maybe they think if they can stall long enough something else, like a war between Israel and Syria, instigated by Iran, will take the heat off them.
By netchicken: posted on 13-7-2006

yep I believe thats what they want, a big diversion so they can prepare a nuke for israel
By YCON: posted on 13-7-2006

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