Evil subversive names corrupt innocents on food packets

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Evil subversive names corrupt innocents on food packets

Man this is shocking, America is being corrupted by the products sold on its shelves.

Much more on this abomination on the link!

... Quote:

Ding Dongs are called Ding Dongs so that the makers of Hostess brand products can have a perverted laugh.

Because of this snack cake's name, children are forced to utter filthy and unholy phrases such as, "I like to eat Ding Dongs" and "My sister wants my Ding Dong." The company also makes two other snacks which have names that are double entendres: HoHos and Sno Balls.

Simply disgusting.

"Fig" is a mere vowel away from the slang term for a homosexual. The cookies are an obvious attempt to homosexualify young boys. As you can see, the character on the package states in no uncertain terms that he is a "big fig." Additionally, he is shaped like a scrotum and a stubby choo-choo.


The name Scooter Pie is an unsubtle play on the word "cooter." This sickening dessert attempts to turn little girls into carpet-licking lesbians. It teaches unsuspecting little boys the shameful and unnatural act of oral sex as well. Oral sex has nothing to do with reproduction and is an abomination in the eyes of the Lord. The very idea that people would use their private parts in such a lurid manner makes Jesus puke.
By netchicken: posted on 14-7-2006

Thats not even funny. :P
By YCON: posted on 14-7-2006

Whats so bad about oral sex is'ant that just "taking" about it?

moving on,,,, :) I saw a blue movie once, I must say I would rather have a ice cream.
By Richard Principal: posted on 15-7-2006

LOL Richard :)

I have to agree about the iceream part, far more satisfying :)
By netchicken: posted on 15-7-2006

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