How long has planet Earth got to live?

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How long has planet Earth got to live?

I saw a BBC TV program on "global dimming" (You still might be able to see it on BBC) see here
looking for Global Dimming (r)
where we have polluted the air and it has gone into the clouds and turned them into mirrors, This has caused scientist to miss calculate doomsday on "global warming" in the past few years they have been able reverse the trend on "global dimming" now "global warming" taking off in a faster rate to what it was thought to go.

Everyday they take "pan evaporation" these figures have fallen, you would think with "global warming" the "pan evaporation" would increase but due to "global dimming" was the reason they fell

Some joker in USA going to work just after 11th September 2001 noticed how clear the sky's were because all plains had been grounded.

IF there is not a attitude change today by everyone on the planet "Death of planet Earth" is coming and it is just a few years away before we enter the point of certain death.

for more information see
By Richard Principal: posted on 16-7-2006

Good gracious, now I don't know which global catastrophe to worry about first!

Global dimming
new ice age
greenhouse effect
earth heating up

not to mention
Chicken fear
(add your "disease of the month")

etc etc

I am starting to worry that I don't know which is worth worrying about!

Maybe they will all balance themselves out and nothing will change?

I am reaching the conclusion that many percieved threats to our world are created by scientists looking for money, and blown up by the news media looking for money.

Where is the global hunger threatened in the 70's
The deserts that were going to destroy our world?
The pollution that was going to choke us to death?

The thing to really worry about is the manipulation of the media and the people for the sake of making more money and increased scientific self importance.

Personally I fell sadder about the unsustainable raping of the oceans and the death of so much sea life, for the sake of, yep you guessed it, money.

Maybe money is the biggest evil?
By netchicken: posted on 16-7-2006

I watched that same show back in April, mentioned in this thread.

One thing they mentioned was if we didn't have global dimming, it would be even hotter on earth right now. One thing the global dimming is doing is hiding the global warming.

Another thing to think about is that this may not be global warming at all. If you do a little research, you will see that all planets are going through changes right now, including our sun.

The government is denying that planet X's orbit will take it between earth and neptune in the near future. This is suppose to cause major earth changes including rotation reversal, many 9 mag. quakes and steady 200 mph winds. The biggest affect from planet X will be it's magnetic pull on all the planets. Also the tale of planet X will cross earths orbit for 7 years after it passes us.

This will not cause the end of earth. The governments around the world have built underground shelters/cities for themselves. The rest of us will be on our own, most will die. Many caves the gov is using will probably collaspe. ;)
By YCON: posted on 16-7-2006

The writing has been on the wall for many years and still everyone still loves their heads poked in the sand.
By Richard Principal: posted on 16-7-2006

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