Arik Sharon\'s condition worsens

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Arik Sharon's condition worsens

Ariel Sharon's life is now in danger.

According to the doctors, Sharon's kidneys had failed and fluids were building up in his body.

In addition, the damage to his brain tissue was slowly worsening.
By Riwka: posted on 24-7-2006

The bare truth is; the enormity of the stroke he suffered was so massive that 99% of his faculties are dead. Its just that people dont want to let go that he's being kept on the ventilator. Its only a matter of time before they declare the inevitable!

I recently saw a documentary about the man; brilliant general and a wise tactician. Undoubtedly, he will be missed.

I wonder if he were in control now, would Israel have committed itself to Lebanon in the same fashion?(Calling in the reservers ?) I'm sure 1982 would always linger in the back of his head.
By IAF: posted on 27-7-2006

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