Weapons of Mass Civilian Injury

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Weapons of Mass Civilian Injury

There seems to be so many around the world who still do NOT get it. Israel is not even close to being the ones who are war criminals, or are using "disproportionate force" on the enemy.
Not only did this all get started by the murder and abduction of soldiers by a terrorist organization that hides among "civilians" in sympathetic neighborhoods, but as one can clearly see here, these murderers use weapons that are designed to cause damage to soft targets and not hardened military targets:


... Quote:
“In my medical opinion, they [these rockets] are supposed to injure as many people as possible,” said Dr. Eran Tal-Or, director of the Surgical Emergency Room at Haifa's Ramban Hospital. “If you wanted to bring down a building, you would make a weapon with a heavier blast. And you wouldn't bother with the balls inside that don't do much harm to buildings; just to people.”

These weapons of mass civilian injury are compliments of Syria - the same country that wants to be a part of resolving this crisis? Whatever.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 24-7-2006

I'm sorry, Mike but I don't even see two pennies. I've been ripped off! :j

I suppose you think other free and liberty-loving nations with the legitimate right to exist are "abominations", too? Why is that?

Why is the war on terror a sham? Well, other than the obvious misnomer (War of Terror is like War on Guns; declaring war on the weapon and refusing to acknowledge the enemy).

Throw me the other penny, Mike, elaborate!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 25-7-2006

Well the doctors prognosis is pretty accurate as I'm sure any card carrying member of the Hizbullah would attest. The Kasy.. are meant primarily to kill civilians because thats the end total of their aim; to kill the Jews.

Their "official" mission is to safeguard southern Lebanon from the "accursed" Jews of Israel. That was what they were set up for but like all these Islamist organizations the aim is neither defense nor deliverance but rather domination. Their presence in the Lebanese parliament, their involvement in the Lebanese economy and their ability to coalesce Shia hard-liners across the board is evidence enough. Attacking Israel is just raison d’etre and tactics dont really matter- kidnap a soldier or fire a rocket into a residential area, its all the same when one is consumed by hate and believe that they are doing what is right. The Islamist mindset shows unwavering optimism where, death is the gateway to paradise and violence the ticket.
By IAF: posted on 28-7-2006

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