Ancient Chariots Found in Bulgaria

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Ancient Chariots Found in Bulgaria

Tossed in an abandoned vine field? .... 1700 years ago? Boy when they abandon stuff in Bulgaria it STAYS abandoned!

Bulgarian police have discovered three ancient chariots and two ornaments tossed in an abandoned vine-field close to the central city of Stara Zagora.

The artefacts were found meters away from a mount and archaeologists believe they date back to the II or III century AD, the Bulgarian national TV reported.

Marauders have most likely ripped off exquisite bronze ornaments from the wheels of the chariots, experts think.

The silver ornaments that were spared by the treasure-hunters are rarely seen on Thracian chariots. This made archaeologists think that the artefacts were probably used for special occasions.

All artefacts have been sent to the Stara Zagora history museum.

Police are certain that the relics were pilfered by treasure-hunters and they have already arrested three men who were carrying out archaeological digs without permission.
By netchicken: posted on 31-7-2006

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