Children arrested and DNA tested for climbing a tree

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Children arrested and DNA tested for climbing a tree

Welcome to the "brave new world"....
How to traumatise kids and destroy their childhood in one easy police state lesson in England.

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Daily mail
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To the 12-year-old friends planning to build themselves a den, the cherry tree seemed an inviting source of material.

But the afternoon adventure turned into a frightening ordeal for Sam Cannon, Amy Higgins and Katy Smith after they climbed into the 20ft tree - then found themselves hauled into a police station and locked in cells for up to two hours.

Their shoes were removed and mugshots, DNA samples and mouth swabs were taken.

Officers told the children they had been seen damaging the tree which is in a wooded area of public land near their homes.

Questioned by police, the scared friends admitted they had broken some loose branches because they had wanted to build a tree house, but said they did not realise what they had done was wrong.

Officers considered charging the children with criminal damage but eventually decided a reprimand - the equivalent of a caution for juveniles - was sufficient.

Although the reprimand does not amount to court action and the children do not have a criminal record, their details will be kept on file for up to five years.

The parents of the children, who all live in Halesowen, West Midlands, say they are angry with police for treating their children as hardened criminals and accused officers of over-reacting.

The three, who have never been in trouble with the police before, were described as well-behaved and placid by their parents.

Amy's mother, Jacqueline, said her daughter was left so traumatised by the police action last month she refused to sleep in her bed for a week.

I thought this old song about the police summed up the situation
... Quote:

WE're public guardians, bold yet wary
And of ourselves we take great care.
Didumdidumdidum we're chary.
When danger calls we're seldom there
But when we spy a helpless maiden
Or little boys who do no harm
We run them in. we run them in,
We run them in, we run them in,
We show them we're the bold gendarmes.
By netchicken: posted on 2-8-2006

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