NASA to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight

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NASA to study man who survives on liquids and sunlight

Does this go in the bizzare or the science section :)
Its amazing anyway...
June 30 2003

An Indian man, who claims to have survived only on liquids and sunlight for eight years, has been invited by NASA to show them how he does it.

Hira Ratan Manek - also known as Hirachand - a 64-year-old mechanical engineer who lives in the southern state of Kerala, apparently started disliking food in 1992, the Hindustan Times newspaper reported.

In 1995, he went on a pilgrimage to the Himalayas and stopped eating completely on his return.

His wife, Vimla, said: "Every evening he looks at the sun for one hour without batting an eyelid. It is his main food. Occasionally he takes coffee, tea or some other liquid."

Last June, scientists from the US space agency verified that Manek spent 130 days surviving only on water, the report said.
They even named this subsistence on water and solar energy after him: The HRM (Hira Ratan Manek) Phenomenon.

Mr Manek is now in the US to show NASA's scientists how he survives without food.

The US space agency hopes to use the technique to solve food storage and preservation problems on its expeditions, the report said.

Mr Manek said he "eats through his eyes" in the evening, when the sun's ultraviolet rays are least harmful. He and his wife claim the technique is totally scientific. However, doctors warn that staring at the sun can make you blind.

His wife said: "He has a special taste for sun energy. He believes only 5 per cent of human brain cells are used by most people. The other 95 per cent can be activated through solar energy.
By netchicken: posted on 2-7-2003

That's bizzare, I'm sure he didn't eat anything at all, but he woudn't be able to walk for 10 meters.
By zion: posted on 4-7-2003

Yeah, an australian woman said she did the same sort of thing, just living on sunlight and water.

I told a budhist person about it and she wasn't suprised at all, thought it was quite natural. Turns out that some budhists can do it!
By netchicken: posted on 5-7-2003

About sun-eater from Ukraine: 48-years old man from 25.08.2003 lives on sunlight, spays energy and liquid nutrition, eats by eyes Sunlight, he was observed by Japanese scientists, gazed incessantly on the Sun more than 13 hours

Sun-eater has his own personal record he has gazed incessantly on the Sun more than 13 hours, thanks to this he had deep bronze sunburn in this summer.

This information with foto, please, look here:

Nikolai Dolgorukiy is a pioneer of living-on-sunlight and spays energy in Ukraine, as Jasmuheen in Australia.

Tanya Zhadan, one of many followers of this Sun-eater, from 20.06.2005, epileptic in past
By zhadan: posted on 29-1-2007

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