Hundreds of thousands in Iraq chant \"Death To Israel, America\"

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Hundreds of thousands in Iraq chant "Death To Israel, America"

Well, we are certainly learning that Arabs do not think the way we do, and we are learning that democracy is not the cure-all for all the ills in the world. We are also learning that they are more than happy to bite the hand that feeds them, the hand that removed Saddam from them.

The Shiite population is the population thatgreatly benefited from the removal of Hussein yet hundreds of thousands chant death to America as well as death to Israel. That should send chills down the spines of the Joe-6-Pack American, to find out that hundreds of thousands of those he has just spent billions in freeing want him absolutely dead.
This is no news to the Joe-6-Pack Israeli; they don't come and go to the region every few years. is their home.

By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 5-8-2006

Here is the problem with that, though.

We didn't go into Iraq because we were bored and wanted to give the military something to do. We went in because of the threat posed by Hussein. The facts have been coming out that Hussein was, indeed, a threat in regard to special weapons and being a supporter of terrorism. Of course, this should not have been a surprise to anyone after the squirrelly set-up by the first Bush back in 1990. Still, it became what it became.

The average Iraqi, those who were paying the bloody price of having an insane family rule the country, should be pretty happy about having Hussein out of there and should be able to see that we are trying to stabilize their country so that they can control it themselves. Instead, they now chant for us to die and support the attacks against Israel.

Speaking of Israel, it was Islamic aggression against Israel that sparked this wave of insanity, and out of this insanity the Islamic leaders a terror sponsors hope the Kaliphate will come even closer to fruition once again.

Remember, there was no border dispute with Lebanon; this was started completely by Islamic terrorism, by a terrorist organization that has an extremely well-trained military thanks to Iran and Syria. This Islamic-created crisis is being used to foment anti-Israeli and anti-U.S. sentiment, and the Islamic religion is the catalyst for the hatred.

Mike, if we were to remove our influence from the region we'd only be turning our backs on an ally and insure our latter demise. We need to recognize the enemy for what it truly is, and realize that this is nothing less than a global holy war and the goal is to give you three choices.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 5-8-2006

Though Joe-6-pack might have to deal with these crazed people today and maybe for a few decades to come, there is hope. With oil reserves dwindling worldwide, maybe someday the joe-6-pack of the day will not need the oil and then the world can truly wave goodbye to the middle east.

Its funny that almost every islamic nation in the world is graced with generous amounts of oil, which the west buys and the money obtained is then funded to activities against us. Almost like we're paying and helping them harm us. :(
By IAF: posted on 5-8-2006

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