Bunker busting, Phosphorous and DU shells destined for Israel

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Bunker busting, Phosphorous and DU shells destined for Israel

Supposed pictures of Depleted Uranium shells

Translated from the Paris media...

The English media reported that two A310 Airbus filled with bombs with bunker guided by laser GBU 28 and with depleted uranium were posed the weekend spent on the airport of Prestwick close to Glasgow.

The pictures below by David Silverman were taken one the 14th July near the Lebanese to border. In them Israeli soldiers edge Be seen loading OF shells into tanks. The first image appeared in some early editions of the the U.K. Guardian newspaper one the 15th of July and was subsequently replaced in later editions.



U.S. military intelligence sources have told WMR that the artillery shell shown below being used by an Israel Defense Force member in Lebanon, is a type of dual and multi-use weapon the neocons falsely accused Saddam Hussein of possessing. Although the canister artillery shell is marketed as an anti-land mine fuel-air bomb, its payload can also include the chemicals used in thermobaric bombs, white phosphorous weapons, and chemical weapons. Thermobaric bombs contain polymer-bonded explosives or solid fuel-air explosives in their payloads. Thermobarics use a fuse munition unit (FMU) such as that seen on the nose of the Israeli artillery shell. The shell penetrates buildings, underground shelters, or tunnels, creating such a blast pressure that all the oxygen is sucked out from the spaces and the lungs of anyone who happens to be in proximity. Israel's use of such "vacuum" weapons has been reported from across Lebanon.

The artillery shell below, with its FMU penetrator, can also be used to deliver chemical weapons, the use of which is also being reported from southern Lebanon. In addition, it can deliver white phosphorous, a substance that literally melts through skin but leaves clothing relatively intact. In Fallujah and elsewhere in Iraq, U.S. forces have used white phosphorous on civilians, leaving grotesque corpses as a psychological warfare reminder to the civilian population to surrender or evacuate an area.

The photo from Sidon of a burnt and badly disfigured young Lebanese girl is a telltale sign of white phosphorous use by the Israelis. Similar photos from Fallujah were shown to this editor by a top investigative reporter for Italy's RAI television network.

U.S. military intelligence experts believe the ease at which the Israeli soldier is handling the artillery shell is an indication that the payload contains light-weight gas and not a fuel-air mixture or thermobaric bomb components.

WMR continues to receive reports from Lebanon of depleted uranium shells being used by the Israelis.

The New York Times today is reporting that the U.S. is stepping up its delivery of "precision-guided" munitions to Israel (see article below on Bush administration pre-planning for the Israeli invasions of Lebanon and Gaza).


By netchicken: posted on 5-8-2006

More on Israel and phosphorous bombs

On July 22, WMR first reported that white phosphorous, a substance that burns through the skin of its victims, was being used against Lebanese civilians, including children, by Israeli forces. Yesterday, Reuters reported the following in a July 24 dateline from Paris:

"Lebanon's president accused Israel on Monday of using phosphorous bombs in its 13-day offensive and urged the United Nations to demand an immediate ceasefire." CNN also reported on the use of white phosphorous by Israel.

In October 1992, an El Al cargo Boeing 747 crashed into this apartment building in Amsterdam Bijlmermeer. Some one thousand people in the vicinity complained of health problems after the crash.

It was later revealed by Dutch and Israeli sources that El Al Flight 1862 was transporting precursor chemical weapons substances to Israel from the United States, including dimethyl methylphosphonate, hydrofluoric acid, and isopropanol, in addition to depleted uranium.
By netchicken: posted on 5-8-2006

I'll not bore anyone with the technical flaws of the above article as they are really unimportant. The only point I would like to make in regard to the technical aspect is that the dead child who is being shown like a peice of propaganda prop rather than being treated with dignity does NOT show tell-tale signs of Willy-P. This is pure nonsense.

Another thing I would like to point out is that it is Hezbollah who places women, children and any other noncombatant in harm's way by insuring they attack from civilian areas. If the gutless of the rest of the world had it their way, the cowards of Hezbollah would destroy the civilians of Israel with impunity because only the Israelis are allowed to suffer civilian casualties.

I never could understand what weapons were being used by Israel that was supposed to be chemical weapons that the "neocons" (objective, non-biased reporting we have with Wayne!) claimed Hussein had. It is not WP, and it isn't thermobaric bunker busters.

This Wayne fellow, as well as the other reporting agencies, appear to be quite the intellectually dishonest bunch.

For a nation that is a miniscule nation that is continuously having to fight for its very existence, they are going WAAAAY overboard on the protect the enemy's civilian population, and still there are comfy little armchair quarterbacks who want to throw rotten eggs at them. To ignore all the clear and blatant logic amounts to one thing to me.

Good find, Netty! Sometimes I wonder if I am on the same planet or in the same dimension with people like the ones who create such "news" articles!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 5-8-2006

Utterly misleading!
Thought the French media report tries to draw on other "news" sources its report is based on speculation. They claim that the Israelis are using chemical weapons and the US military is giving them these weapons . This is flawed as the US military has no WP GBU munitions and secondly the picture of the girl shown is clearly one who has been caught in a building collapse. The white color on her face is the result of the use of plaster in buildings. Had she really been exposed to WP, we could see raw flesh as the White phosphor would burn instantly rather than settle on her skin!

As usual and with great alacrity the ministries of disinformation set forth with their machinations; spread rumors, lies and parse the truth to generate public opinion through deception. One particularly good example of this is Information Clearing house that has set up an archive of pictures of the War that include only pictures from the Lebanese side and that too mostly those of children. Obviously showing Israeli victims of this war or victims of rocket attacks would defeat their purpose to sway public opinion towards their own worldview while professing to present fact.

I hope the community here is wise enough to look through the machinations of these institutions of intellectual deceit and have an opinion that is truly your own.
By IAF: posted on 6-8-2006

I agree, Mike; it is absolutely heartbreaking that precious little children are being killed, but to be used as a prop, to be displayed.... :yak
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 6-8-2006

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