Soviet fighters scare off UFO video

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Soviet fighters scare off UFO video

Here is a video from the nose of a Mig fighter supposedly showing a cylindrical UFO speeding off int eh distance.

Google video

It seems the actual pic of the UFO is quite hazy, and not solid, the image seems to blur, but that could just be the poor video. It does seem the UFO seems to wiggle in the clouds.

Maybe it was added after the fact. If the projected the video from the mig on a screen then added the UFO image as another projection overlaying the video of the mig. When they move the image if there is a warp in the screen it would wiggle like it did.

The final film we see is that combined projection being filmed.

Don't forget we are being TOLD by some UNKNOWN people that the video shows the migs following a UFO. There is no actual proof that this is a real photo. no pilot, no offical, nobody owns up to it. no official report, no documentation, nothing to say its not a hoax.

I have a video of 2 alien lifeforms, one is a giant green Ogre, and the other a hyperactive donkey.
By netchicken: posted on 7-8-2006

hmmm interesting, sort of looks like a shadow over the clouds or a fish wiggling its tail.
By YCON: posted on 7-8-2006

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