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Newt Gingrich - the only option is to win.

Gingrich lays it out in a great article that makes some good points. Yet another blunt statement you don't see in the mainstream media.


... Quote:
... an Iran armed with nuclear weapons is a mortal threat to American, Israeli and European cities.

If a nonnuclear Iran is prepared to finance, arm and train Hezbollah, sustain a war against Israel from southern Lebanon and, in Holbrooke's own words, "support actions against U.S. forces in Iraq," then what would a nuclear Iran be likely to do?

... Quote:
Holbrooke has set the stage for an important national debate ... debate about whether we are in danger of losing one or more U.S. cities, whether the world faces the possibility of a second Holocaust should Iran use nuclear or biological weapons against Israel, and whether a nuclear Iran would dominate the Persian Gulf and the world's energy supplies.

This is the most important debate of our time. It rivals both Winston Churchill's argument in the 1930s over the nature of Hitler and the Nazis and Harry Truman's argument in the 1940s about the emerging Soviet empire.

... To paraphrase Abraham Lincoln, if violence is necessary to defeat the terrorists, the Iranians and the North Koreans, then it is regrettably necessary.

If they can be disarmed with less violence, then that is desirable. But a nonviolent solution that allows the terrorists to become better trained, better organized, more numerous and better armed is a defeat.

A nonviolent solution that leads to North Korean and Iranian nuclear weapons threatening us across the planet is a defeat.

... If Iran gets nuclear weapons, there will be no diplomacy capable of protecting Israel.

If Iran continues to fund and equip Hezbollah, there will be no stability or security for Israel.

Diplomacy cannot substitute for victory against an opponent who openly states that he wants to eliminate you from the face of the earth.
By netchicken: posted on 11-8-2006

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