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Pictures that lie a collection of fake images

This is really facinating, a collection of images, some historical and some contemporary known to be fake. Just goes to show faking pictures has been happening a very long time!

This photo isn't exactly what it appears to be--nor are the other images that follow in this photo gallery. All were manipulated beyond straightforward cropping of edges or lightening shaded areas. Often they have a key element inserted or deleted.

Pictured here is a digital composite of a British soldier in Basra, gesturing to Iraqi civilians urging them to seek cover, that appeared in April 2003 on the front page of the Los Angeles Times shortly after the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq. Brian Walski, a staff photographer for the Los Angeles Times and a 30-year veteran of the news business, was fired after his editors discovered that he had combined two of his photographs to "improve" the composition.

soldiers_fake.jpg - 32.25kb
By netchicken: posted on 15-8-2006

This March 2004 political ad for George W. Bush, prepared during his run for president, shows a sea of soldiers as a backdrop to a child holding a flag.

This image was digitally doctored by copying and pasting, from the original photograph, several soldiers in order to digitally remove Bush from a podium. After acknowledging that the photo had been doctored, the Bush campaign said that the ad would be re-edited and reshipped to TV stations.

georgebush_fake.jpg - 34.21kb
By netchicken: posted on 15-8-2006

Well what do you know, turns out there are heaps of other pics on the net that are faked yet used in the media...

National geographic seem to be guilty as well...

Blog talking about it

... Quote:
Well, don't you know that they printed a retraction in this months issue in response to letters they recieved questioning the authenticity of the photo.

"Early in the selection process we were assured by the photographer and his agency that the photo was real. While Hawaii is a place where magical things happen, further technical analysis proved - and the photographer eventually admitted - that the image was a digital composite."

fake-whale-pic.jpg - 28.22kb
By netchicken: posted on 15-8-2006

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