Has Noahs Ark been found in Northern Iran?

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Has Noahs Ark been found in Northern Iran?

An interesting article here on Noah's ark not being on the tradtiional Mt Arat, but in the north of Iran, on a mountain range there.

The reasoning is pretty sound and backs up the bibblical story well.

The article is Here and pictures proporting to be Noah's Ark are Here

From the pictures it could be shale outcrops they are looking at, and i can't see any sign of hand working, if it is petrified wood.

Here is what we found on Mount Suleiman:

* The object consists of dark rock with an uncanny beam-like appearance in several places.
* The color and texture of the rock appears to be unique in the area.
* The object fits the approximate dimensions of Noah's Ark
* Some samples tested by an independent lab showed signs of petrified wood. (Not the entire object.)
* The object is at 13,120 feet but the nearest tree is at about 8,000 feet (and there are very few trees even at that level).
* Takht-i-Suleiman means “Solomon's Throne.” It is the only mountain we know of in the Middle East outside of Israel with a Hebrew name.
* Wood at the Summit, which may be from the shrine, has been dated to be around 500 years old.
* We found abundant sea life at an adjacent summit.
* We found microscopic sea life in a rock sample from the object (a foram, which is normally only found at the depths of the sea).
* All major climates are close by along with all eco systems.

Is it the remains of Noah's Ark? We'll let you draw your own conclusions. In our opinion, it's a candidate. The research will continue.
By netchicken: posted on 16-8-2006

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