Hot summer reveals Scotlands past

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Hot summer reveals Scotlands past

Oh to live in a country with some history!

A heatwave has revealed fleeting traces of early settlements to historians taking a bird's eye view of Scotland.

The conditions this summer have proved ideal for aerial archaeologists who document the buried sites, which appear in ripening crops or scorched grass.
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The Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Scotland said it was one of the best in its 30 years.

Discoveries have included various prehistoric settlements and much more detail at two major Roman forts.

Dave Cowley, the aerial survey manager at the RCAHMS, said the findings, across the Scottish lowlands, were significant and helped build a picture of where people had lived.

"We've been finding archaeological sites that haven't been productive in the past and that's because of the extreme conditions," he said.

Greenwood, near Grantshouse in the Borders - this double ditched enclosure is probably an Iron Age settlement and is one of thousands of sites recorded over the last 30 years.

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