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Police investigate missed appointment by kitten

Police raid house to confiscate a kitten! Do we need a "police state" section for this type of post? Just make REALLY sure you have kept your kitten vaccinations up to date.

PET owner Robert Emberson was stunned as two cops swooped on his home — to seize his KITTEN.

The bobbies went round after pet charity workers were tipped off that the moggy missed a routine appointment.

Robert had adopted the rescue kitten named Plume.

But Cat Protection workers swooped to demand it back — and called in a police escort in case there was trouble. Horticultural student Robert, 18, accused the charity of being heavy-handed.

He said: “They were so rude — barging in without warning. I was horrified.”

It followed an earlier visit by a Cat Protection worker who claimed to have seen a SINGLE FLEA on the cat. Robert, of Canvey Island, Essex, agreed to treat Plume. But he was waiting for his pay from his part-time job.

He said: “The flea treatment cost me a day’s wages, but I paid for Plume to be vaccinated and everything.

“I missed just one treatment, but they said they might take Plume away.”

The charity — criticised for refusing to let a man with an artificial leg adopt a cat — refused to comment.

Robert was eventually allowed to keep the cat.

An Essex Police spokeswoman said: “We are frequently asked by other agencies to support them when there could be public order issues.”

The Sun

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By netchicken: posted on 25-9-2006

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