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Try something new drill a hole in your head

Drilling a hole in your head is said to restore the brain to childhood levels of blood and fluid making you more adventurous, spiritual and positive. Utter bunk say others.

Today, Cole, a student at City College in New York City, has had a 14-millimeter hole in his skull for four years, and he says he would not have it any other way.

Cole, 33, is one of 15 people--11 men and four women--who participated in a pilot study from 2000 to 2002 of this ancient practice, called trepanation, conducted by the International Trepanation Advocacy Group (ITAG) in a clinic in Monterrey, Mexico. ITAG and trepanations first modern proponent, Bart Huges, say the procedure restores the amount of blood in the brain to childhood levels and reduces brain fluid. ITAG says this results in more energy and an increased feeling of consciousness and lessens repression.

The practice dates back hundreds of years and was done for relieving pressure on the brain or for spiritual purposes. Some mystics and their followers believed that the hole helped release evil spirits and that the creation of a third eyes allowed a person to experience everything in greater intensity. But today, the procedure, which takes 15 minutes and is done under local anesthetic, is regarded with skepticism, and even disdain, by most of the American medical community.

Cole went to Monterrey in June 2002 after stumbling onto ITAGs Web site. "I was intrigued, because it seemed like the real thing Cole said. He said he was on antidepressants and wanted to improve the quality of his life.

At the clinic, the procedure, which cost $2,400, was done with a surgical saw called a trepan. The hole, on the top left side of his head, is covered by curly black hair, so it is not visible. But he said its benefits certainly are.

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If you are watching TV with rabbit ears, you think you have a good signal he said, referring to his life before trepanation. Then you get cable, and you realize how clear it really can be.

Cole and several other pilot participants admit that life after trepanation is not perfect. But Cole said he felt more like he did when he was younger, more willing to take risks, more open to possibilities and more spiritual. After trepanation, he said, he quit his civil engineering job and started studying music, which had been his passion since childhood. He has also started meditating.

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