Truck convoy gets hit in iraq, soldiers flee leaving the drivers

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Truck convoy gets hit in iraq, soldiers flee leaving the drivers

A dramatic video obtained by ABC News shows how U.S. troops behaved during an attack on a Halliburton convoy in Iraq. A driver who survived says the company tried to cover up the incident. One driver videos it all as the others are killed.

The driver eventually got fired from Haliburton for "on the job injury" after he took 2 AK47 rounds.

Stunning video, well worth watching, watch the 2nd as the driver talks about seeing the others executed.
By netchicken: posted on 28-9-2006


I swear, I can't imagine abandoning my convoy. I can't imagine ANY of the MP's with whom I served in the 80's would have EVER done that.

No, I couldn't have done that. A coward dies a thousand deaths. A man only dies once.

Maybe there was some kind of communication problem, maybe the soldiers weren't aware of the loss. Ok, I know that is a stretch.....
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 28-9-2006

I wonder what was in teh trucks? Looting them would be very profitable I imagine.

Mike because the military fled 3 drivers were executed.
By netchicken: posted on 29-9-2006

I'm not sure but if their job was to protect the convoy and they took off then I think it would be -dereliction of duty! I've heard this happening before; the US troops taking off and leaving convoys to their own fate. Apparently this happens a lot to these contractors who are used to transport things back and forth from Kuwait into IRAQ.

Apparently almost a year ago, there was an incident when a couple of drivers from hired by a Kuwaiti company had been captured and executed by the militia in Iraq. Now these drivers were not Americans but were other immigrants to Kuwait. These drivers when interviewed said that they would keep driving despite the risks because they are paid a lot but did say that the guards would take off when ever the convoy came under attack. Most of these drivers are hit during these trips but come back soon after they are treated to work again.

If we were to look at it from the other perspective it would be incredibly easy to hide along some portion of the highway and shoot passing trucks especially when its mostly desert on both sides of the road and identifying these shooters would be nearly impossible when the convoy is moving at 60+ mph.

I think there is not enough supervision or discipline instilled in the troops in Iraq at this moment as I believe they are de-motivated due to either apathy from home or their own convictions. Either way itís a dangerous thing to have your soldiers behave this way because it signifies a serious problem for the military. You canít have your soldiers doing what they want and ignore the rest. What if those trucks had medical supplies, as I'm sure some of those trucks must have sometimes? Losing a shipment would mean more soldiers would be put at greater risk with fewer medical amenities, thereby compound the problem. Itís ironic because, here these guys donít want to risk their necks but in trying to ensure their own personal safety they jeopardize the safety of others, be they these drivers or other fellow soldiers.
By IAF: posted on 29-9-2006

Mike, are you playing or are you rteally showing your colors? I am really in total shock.
Do you know what the shipment was? Do you really think it was some sort of stolen Iraqi oil cans that was going to be shipped back to Barbara Bush? Damn, Mike, I have to say, you are really amazing to me.

Your ability to say why they left is right up there with your ability to say what was in those trucks - nill. All you can do is transpose your feelings onto the situation, and, just like most all of your statements given from how Israel is an abomination to the war is Bush's war (No matter who it was that attacked us LONG before 2001), your thoughts are based on emotion and bias and are rooted in little to no fact.

I used to think you posted such thoughts because you wanted to evoke controversy, but I am beginning to think that this is the real you. Please, Mike, tell me I am totally wrong and this is not the real you!!!!

By the way, I believe it is "yeah" that you are wanting to say, and not "ya".

IAF, I am with you, this is a definite indication of a breakdown in discipline and chain of command. We used to train convoy security until we copuld do it in our sleep or in an alcoholic stupor, and leaving our convoy was NEVER part of the game plan. I am very glad I am getting my packet together to go back in the Guard as it is very clear that these Young Bloods can use an injection of the Old Way.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 30-9-2006

I don't want to see civilians here slaughtered on the holidays or any other days. I'd prefer to bleed the enemy on their soil, go over there to keep them off balance rather than give them an opportunity to plan and attack here.
Remember, we were attacked many times before 9/11/01 and bin Laden declared war on us before 9/11, too, but we were too big and arrogant to believe him.
The Crusades were brought about by Jihads, and if you want to look at it in such a manner, this is the next Great Jihad and just like the others, if we do not respond in the appropriate manner we will lose our right to our own religion as well as ALL our rights.
Let's not forget when we see these pictures and watch these videos that while the "extremists" commit these assaults the "average" Muslims dance in the streets and hand out candy.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 1-10-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by mike
That's funny, the only other person that has ever corrected one of my "YAs" has been Venus. You have lots in common with her. Its a shame good grammar skills and common sense don't go hand in hand.

And here I thought I didn't make an impression on you Mike.
Step one is admitting you have a problem. You are well on your way:)

... Quote:
You should reconsider military involvement Mr.Crown, I don't want to see any more of my friends engulfed in the War on War.

Perhaps all that common sense of yours should tell you to thank the man for wanting to defend the freedoms you so ungratefully take for granted.;)
By Venus: posted on 1-10-2006

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