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The Russians helped Hezbollah

I don't htink this will surprise some of us, but the Russians gave assistance to those who think it is a good idea to kill Israelis.

... Quote:
During the fighting in Lebanon Hezbollah received direct intelligence support from Syria, using data collected by listening posts jointly manned by Russian and Syrian crews. Hezbollah was also fed intelligence from new listening posts built on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, which are operated jointly with Iran.

That is to say, Russia, Syria and Iran are in cahoots, and that partnership will become more evident as time progresses.

To boot, Russia is going to send thousands to Lebanon, but these troops will not be part of UNIFIL.

Things seem to be happening so quickly nowadays.
I'm still angry that my country did not back Israel to the hilt during the war with Hezbollah.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 3-10-2006

Mike, really, are you following the bouncing ball of a topic or do you just click on, type in and zone out?

We have no troops anywhere near the struggle Israel is facing. We have no troops to bring home from there.

As far as bringing troops home, you'd have them come home and do WHAT about crime? What, do you suggest troops in schools, on street corners and in homes?

That's a cute little pyramid you tried to draw, but a cursory examination of the nation reveals that when we allowed the liberals have their way about removing prayer and then God from school, when we allowed stupidity like moral relativism and "cultural diversity" rule the day, and when we allowed the television become the main god of the society, slowly brainwashing us into believing that righteousness means nothing and materialism and the flesh is most important, we lost the cultural war.
That is to say, we forsake God as a nation, threw our schools to the Godless and in the process, damaged our own family base.
Don't try and blame Bush for that what WE as a society did, and did long before Bush was elected.

All the above being said, that has NOTHING to do with the barbarians at our gates and, in many respects, on our furniture.
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 4-10-2006

I feel the same, the Amish shooting was such a shame! To top it off it was played into this big media event that made it even more disgusting. But comming back to the topic. Russia has known to be actively trying to curry favour with the Arabs since the US has gotten involved in IRAQ. The chinese and that bastard Putin are laughing while American troops are getting shot up in Iraq! Thats why they ran and sunk so much money into Iran so that the US would not be able to put that crazy Iranian president in a straight jacket.

But I hear that little Georgia handed it to Putin and his men when they arrested a few Russian soldeirs who were in their territory for being spies! Putin is going ape-shiess over it calling it state sponsored terrorism!

But I guess the US supported the IDF pretty well despite all the international pressure, it was the Israelis that took the Hizbullah for granted and let them tap their communications. The Israelis blame Olmert and the Northern Command general in charge of the operations for their failure. Also the arabs played the media war quite well, planting photos et all. They've got their mouth peice Al-Jazeera doing quite a good job in those parts I would seem .
By IAF: posted on 4-10-2006

Heres a good article on the Russians. Seems the ones arriving are a pretty brutal bunch.

The Muslim commandoes of the Vostok (East) and Zapad (West) battalions of the Russian Army’s Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU) (picture) are being sent to guard the 150 Russian military engineers. They arrived in Beirut this week to restore the roads in Lebanon damaged by Israeli bombing.

DEBKAfile reports: Moscow did not consult Israel before stationing Muslim Chechen troops on its border for the first time.

Russian defense minister Sergei Ivanov said openly to Russian media that the deployment of former rebel Chechen troops in Lebanon aimed at “improving Moscow’s image in the Arab and Muslim world.”

DEBKAfile’s military sources: The Russian units are operating independently of the largely-European UN peacekeeping force. Their vehicles fly Russian and Lebanese flags. UNIFIL too was taken by surprise by the posting of Chechen troops to Lebanon. Lebanese prime minister Fouad Siniora was informed but omitted to notify Washington, Paris, Berlin, Rome or the UN.

The Kremlin’s rationale for making Russia the first nation to deploy a Muslim contingent in South Lebanon - albeit outside the UN force – is part of a hard-hitting foreign and domestic policy initiative, which is summed up by DEBKAfile’s sources:

1. The Putin administration wants to demonstrate to Russia’s teeming Muslim community its willingness to step into Middle East conflicts – on behalf of the Muslim-Arab interest. This straw in the wind indicates the Kremlin’s orientation on the Israeli-Palestinian issue.

2. Moscow is building another bridge to Tehran through a joint, potentially interactive presence in Lebanon.

3. As a step to promote cooperation with Hizballah, with whom the Chechens, with their long record of extremist Muslim terrorist action against the Russian army, have much in common – in contrast to the European contingents of UNIFIL.

4. The Russian Chechen unit’s cooperation with Hizballah in the parts of Lebanon under its control will pave the way for a Russian Muslim military presence north of Israel which is independent of the UN and not bound by accords to which Israel is a party.

According to DEBKAfile’s military sources, the Israeli government and IDF high command were taken aback by the Russian step, which lends a different and inimical aspect to the international deployment on its northern border. When it signed off onto UN Security Council resolution 1701, Israel never envisaged the measure would open the door for Russian military intelligence to step in and camp on its border, using former Muslim terrorists involved in organized crime.

The Chechen Vostok and Zapad battalions are part of the 42nd Motorized Rifle Division that is permanently deployed in Chechnya, in charge of the eastern and western regions. The Zapad battalion is led by Major Said-Magomed Kakiev, the Vostok’s commander is the former rebel Sulim Yamadaev.

This same Yamadaev, the former Chechen rebel commander who won an amnesty and the Hero of Russia award in 2004, is alleged by the Russian media with leading the robbery of the Samson-K meat-processing plant in St. Petersburg on September 15. He and up to 40 of his armed men stayed in the city’s Nevsky Palace Hotel, one of the most opulent in Europe, where he was seen embracing the leader of the local organized crime gang, Vladimir Kumarin.
By netchicken: posted on 8-10-2006

Does it seem that Russia is trying for a second Cold War, and this time they want to enlist the help of the Muslim world when it goes hot at their will?
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 8-10-2006

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