HAMAS promises an earthquake

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HAMAS promises an earthquake

HAMAS' military wing (translation: The armed thugs who do what the leadership wants done) promises a response that will strike Israel so hard that the earth will tremble.
This is in response to IDF strike in Gaza that left six Arab Palestinians dead, four of which were "militants" (translation, murdering terrorists).

... Quote:
The IDF confirmed its forces were operating in the area looking for facilities used by militants. Troops fired on gunmen who tried to attack them, an army spokesman said. At least 11 Palestinians were wounded in the clashes.

"This is an area believed to conceal tunnels and other forms of infrastructure used by terrorist groups," he said.

Everyone who believes the tunnels are being dug so that HAMAS can sneak in and leave chocolates on the pillows of Jewish children, raise your hand.
The tunnels, the "armed wing", the "militants" are all so that HAMAS, an organization created to wipe Israel off the map, can accomplish their end goal. Are we supposed to believe that HAMAS intended on NOT trying to make the earth tremble regardless?


By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 13-10-2006

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