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Will Australia get Nuclear power

I think the debate over nuclear power has gone from the logical to kneejerk emotional. Its time that we, the non-nuclear countries reexamine the options.

Australia has a huge empty land mass that is perfect for storing nuclear waste. Since the drought has been killing off the farmers, the land could be used for storing waste. The roos and the birds won't mind, and if any aboriginals complain we can buy them off with a 6 pack of Fosters. That big rock in the middle could also contain enough waste for many years. Just act like termites and hollow it out.

I remember an article from the 1950's where they seriously considered using nuclear bombs to blow 5 massive lakes through the middle of Australia. If you could contain the radiation it would have been a great way to open the area up.
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... Quote:
Industry and Resources Minister Ian Macfarlane flagged the possibility today, saying Australia would be foolish not to consider introducing nuclear power because it could play a major role in slashing greenhouse gas emissions.

"We are preparing the ground for a factual, non-hysterical debate in Australia on nuclear energy,'' he said after opening the 15th Pacific Basin Nuclear Conference in Sydney.

"That debate is going to take several years. Once we are across the challenges, then the next step will be to licence and permit these sorts of installations (of nuclear power plants).

"The reality is ... it will probably be 10 years at the earliest before a nuclear power station is actually built in Australia.''
By netchicken: posted on 20-10-2006

Australia is a stable country and a nation of laws rather than tyrants; I took it for granted they already had nukular power.
Sorry, I mean nuclear; I saw Bush on the TV today and there must be some lingering mental effect. :j
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 20-10-2006

The way electricity prices are going up here in Australia, I can clearly see that our hand will be forced to use nuclear power ....Not that I care I just want cheap electricity.... :)
By Shan: posted on 9-1-2007

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