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ET caught on film according to news release

I am not too sure what to make of this. Anyone care to expand on it?
... Quote:

It is EcceNovas great pleasure to make public the most intriguing and convincing photographic evidence of ET to date!

As a supplement to Eye to the Sky: A Paranormal Odyssey (31 Oct, 2006), which relates Paula Thorneycrofts experiences with non-human entities, The Face of Our Future? : Extraterrestrial Snapshots (31 Oct, 2006) reveals some of the best stills taken from over 30-minutes of film footage, taken by the author, over the two nights spanning July 1, 2006.

A pulsating craft displaying hieroglyphic-type shapes in brilliant colours is captured de- and re-materializing. Appearing sometimes as a fog, sometimes as an organic object, at other times, it appears to be a structured craft.

A small Grey hovers, with what seems like a powerpack on its back, some 400-500ft above a rural dwelling. Close-up shots reveal the being turning to face the viewer and, at one point, raising an arm.

The small being, approximately 3-4ft tall, appears to mutate, creating shapes that are illuminated by a separate light source, to reveal very humanoid faces, ranging in style from childlike to adult to alien. It then reforms and returns to a structured craft.
By netchicken: posted on 20-10-2006

Apparently these are the pictures....


Interview with the person ...


I filmed the two sightings over the course of 24 hours. The first was filmed beginning at 12:06 am on July 2, 2006, and the second at 10:00PM and 11:00PM. Both nights were clear with no cloud cover.

My camera is a Sony Handicam model # HC30 and it has a 120x digital zoom. The object was located to my left, in the southwest sky, both nights, as I filmed from our deck.

The second night, the object was visible by 10PM, before the stars were fully out. It is important to know that even with my zoom I cannot film stars; they are simply too far away. The object appeared to be no higher than 500 ft or so, and when I focused on it and zoomed in a little, I had no idea what I was seeing, as I had never seen a craft that looked and behaved as this one did.

The object remained in view both evenings over the course of a couple hours. It was moving, however, and so at times it came closer or went farther away, but it always remained to the west of us moving slowly northward, until it disappeared.

As the object appeared to be not as brilliant as the night before, and as I had already been out to film it at 10PM, I left it for about an hour before coming out to film again, but then I discovered the object now had many others around it. I began to shake slightly (a little fearful of what I was witnessing) as I filmed in amazement these objects behaving in a manner I could not explain. I eventually had to stop and run inside to call my fiancÚ and our tenant to come and see.

This time, the main object and all the others were slightly north of my position, and were moving west, slowly away from me. With in about 10 minutes they were too far away to focus on, but this was the most amazing footage of my life (thus far!).
By netchicken: posted on 20-10-2006

That has to be the most convincing collection of...................blurry photographs of blobs. What exactly is this convincing evidence of? That the photographer doesnt know what focusing the lens is for?
By Twilight_Rogue: posted on 9-11-2006

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