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America banned Vegemite - Australians protest

Will we see Australian and Kiwi Vegemite runners trying to smuggle it into the States next? Yet another sign of the growing police state where the American public are denied the taste of a product with the consistency of axle grease and a taste that will pucker your lips. (actually I really like it especially with chunky butter on toast)

THE US has banned Vegemite, even to the point of searching Australians for jars of the spread when they enter the country.

The bizarre crackdown was prompted because Vegemite has been deemed illegal under US food laws.

The great Aussie icon - faithfully carried around the world by travelers from downunder - contains foliate, which under a technicality, America allows to be added only to breads and cereals.

Australian expatriates in the US said enforcement of the ban had been gradually stepped up and was now ruining lifelong traditions of Vegemite on toast for breakfast.

Kraft spokeswoman Joanna Scott said: "The (US) Food and Drug Administration doesn't allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folic acid.''

The US was "a minor market'' for Vegemite, she said.

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By netchicken: posted on 22-10-2006

The problem is that Americans don't realise just how great Vegemite is.

This is what Vegemite is made of...

... Quote:
Vegemite is one of several yeast extract spreads sold in Australia. It is made from leftover brewers' yeast extract (a by-product of beer manufacture) and various vegetable and spice additives. It is very dark reddish-brown, almost black, in color, and one of the richest sources known of Vitamin B.


How can you ban something thats made of BEER?

Thats just crazy thinking.

... Quote:
In World War II, soldiers, sailors, and the civilian population of Australia all had Vegemite included in their rations. Soldiers’ Vegemite came in three sizes: seven-pound tins for the platoon, eight-ounce tins for soldiers on the go, and half-ounce rations for behind enemy lines.

Americans need ANYTHING they can get to make their soldiers strong and healthy, instead of banning it it should be prescribed to every fighting soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan.

No wonder they are having trouble in Iraq, American soldiers don't eat Vegemite!!! The Australians wouldn't have any trouble in Iraq, look at how they are kicking ass in Afghanistan and beat up the refugees who float to Australia in boats! None of this lilly livered Guantamo bay camps, they lock their refugees up good and tight so they never see the light again. Man thats TOUGH.
By netchicken: posted on 24-10-2006

Where women glow and men chunder!
By Thomas_Crowne: posted on 24-10-2006

I say you just eat Marmite in the 'States. I've searched and so far I've seen nothing about it being banned. Tastes pretty much the same though I do think it's slightly different.
By parrhesia: posted on 30-10-2006

... Quote:
Originally posted by Thomas_Crowne
Where women glow and men chunder!

It's plunder, not chunder :P
By parrhesia: posted on 30-10-2006


Its not the same at all!!

Just because they are both black and look like axle grease. There is only ONE vegemite.
By netchicken: posted on 30-10-2006

it all tastes the same to me :D

Last time I did buy Vegemite, only because I like the little jars they come in better than the marmite jars.

Oh! I found the solution!@

Bypass America, come straight to Canada where we cater to your Vegemitian needs. :sp
By parrhesia: posted on 30-10-2006

The great Vegemite ban is over!
Apparently the FDA backed down because of the pressure bought on it by the Antipodes. Russel Crowe was seen entering America with a loose telephone. Of course the FDA can't lose face over it so suddenly its all a big mistake.

The US government has dismissed media reports it had banned Vegemite. "There is no ban on Vegemite," US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) spokesman Mike Herndon said.

Media reports claimed American border officials were confiscating Vegemite from Australians as they entered the US.
The FDA, charged with policing America's food supply, has not issued an "import alert" to border officials to halt the import of Vegemite.

Mr Herndon said the FDA was surprised by the media reports. The controversy centres on folate, an ingredient in Vegemite. Under US regulations, folate can be added only to breads and cereals.

"One of the Vitamin B components (in Vegemite) is folate," Mr. Herndon said.

"In and of itself, it's not a violation. If they're adding folate to it, boosting it up, technically it would be a violation.

"But the FDA has not targeted it and I don't think we intend to target Vegemite simply because of that."

Joanna Scott, spokesperson for Vegemite's maker, Kraft, reportedly has said, "The Food and Drug Administration doesn't allow the import of Vegemite simply because the recipe does have the addition of folic acid".

But Mr. Herndon said, "Nobody at the FDA has told them (Kraft) there is a ban".
By netchicken: posted on 19-9-2008

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