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Videos of flying humanoids in Mexico

Videos of a flying person, supposedly a witch, videos in Mexican and english, but you get the idea. Well worth watching, spooky.

By netchicken: posted on 26-10-2006

Here is a similar flying humanoid situation in English

By netchicken: posted on 26-10-2006

Turns out that flying humanoids are seen elsewhere as well.

A person here saw one, and taped it

Almost directly above my head and a little West of me was this dark blood-red object barely moving to the North. I grabbed the binoculars and immediately noticed the object was definitely not balloons. Without the binoculars the object looked red but when looking through the binoculars the object had a golden-yellowish top (head?) and a black jet pack looking thing on the left side along with two leg-like appendages hanging down with round "shoes."

The golden-yellowish head looked like an octagon-shaped helmet through the binoculars. Too weird.

The jet pack looked just like a jet pack from Buck Rogers except through the binoculars they looked a little different. They looked like 2 oxygen tanks like a scuba diver would have but there were 3 off-centered dots in each one. There could have been more but I only saw 3. Same with the "shoes." Each shoe was attached to a leg-like object and I think the shoes had a means of directing the object or keeping the object afloat. I say this because when the object moves the legs move too.
By netchicken: posted on 9-1-2007

here is the same video of the flying humanoid but slowed down and enhanced. It looks like the humanoid is running along the ground befor it starts flying again. Warning bad language towards the end of the video.

By YCON: posted on 13-5-2007

I dont get it. Why do all these people record on VHS tapes. Digital tapes have come out like 10 years ago and they dont even make VHS video cameras anymore!
By IAF: posted on 13-5-2007

It's spooky and all but I'm thinking it's just another hoax. It isn't flying it more like levitation or some kind of pulley system. I'm betting it totally freakied out the mexican folks though. I have never met more superstitious people in all my life. The older folks especially. :ufo
By Venus: posted on 13-5-2007

it has to be a hoax. Levetation is possible but more likely its done with a hot air balloon. That would make sense of the silver tank or whatever it is above his head that looks like a witches hat. This could be the harness and wires attached to the balloon and controls. Also if you notice he seems to fly level, not much up and down movement. When he gets close to the ground, he can run along it and jump off the edge like he does in the video. How do you hide a hotair balloon? Make it the same color as the sky or if your in the mountains hide it in the clouds.

Anyway to me this particular video looks like a hoax. I need to go look at some others to see if there is anything else going on.
By YCON: posted on 14-5-2007

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